Could A Four-Day Work Week Benefit Your Team AND Business?

Is the Four-Day Workweek an Option for Your Business?

Since remote work is now more common than taboo, employees are gaining control over their work schedules and how much they can do throughout the week. Because of this, we’re finding that employees want more control over their work schedules and a short workweek might be the key to this. Do you think a four-day […]

Disaster Prevention Technology Will Protect Your Data, No Matter What Happens

disaster prevention technology

Data Backup Solutions If your business lost all of its data, what would happen? Think about that. These awful situations are exactly why we recommend every business practices the 3-2-1 rules. The 3-2-1 rule is that you have three copies of your data in two different locations, with one being stored offsite. Cloud Solutions In […]

Zero Trust Security Will Keep Your Business Safe – Here’s How

As Remote Work Continues, Zero-Trust Security is Paramount

Remote work introduces risks that weren’t relevant to the work environment before. In terms of your business’s cybersecurity, remote working makes it a lot easier for hackers and threats to seep through. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can incorporate zero trust security into your team’s game plan and how it will help […]

Workplace Collaboration Tips To Help You Mix Tech & Communication

Are Your Collaboration Tools Actually Isolating Your Employees?

Because so many businesses were forced to go remote or cease operation entirely, many businesses were introduced to modern collaboration tools that they didn’t previously know about. While collaboration tools are suddenly required for work, are they isolating your team members from each other? Today, we’re going to talk about workplace collaboration tips in spite […]

March 31st Is World Backup Day, But We SHould Backup Every Day

With a Managed Service Provider, Every Day is Backup Day

March 31st is the official World Backup Day, which is a day all about reminding us to back up our important files. This day is not only a critical reminder, but we hope that you’re backing up your data every single day (not just one day a year). Today, we’re going to discuss how to […]

Remote Employee Monitoring Is Often Over The Line

As a Boss, Can I Monitor My Employees Through Their Webcams?

When it comes to remote work, one of the main obstacles employers have noticed is that their team is… well, remote. This means they aren’t able to monitor them the same as they would in the office. This leads employers to come up with ways they can, like installing webcams or productivity trackers. Today, we’re […]

Resistant To Change? Help Your Team With These 4 Simple Strategies

Tip of the Week: Why Your Team is Resistant to IT (or Any) Change

Change, whether it’s within the technology you use or your business standards, can often be something your team is not comfortable with or willing to try. But did you know that your team being resistant to change is normal and that there are simple ways to help your team combat these feelings? Why Are We […]

Evaluate Your Cybersecurity With MyTek’s Help

Take a Long Look at Your Cybersecurity

Is your cybersecurity effective? Gauging this question can be a daunting task. Even though it might be intimidating, we assure you that upkeeping your security is one of the most important tasks. Today, we’re going to look at four steps to help you evaluate your cybersecurity. Step One: What are your weaknesses? The first step […]

Tip of the Week: Working Remotely, Without Overworking Remotely

Tip of the Week: Working Remotely, Without Overworking Remotely

While remote work has taken over almost every single industry, it brings along with it an issue: overworking. Remote work overwork can easily happen because the lines between work and home are blurred, making it hard to stop working and relax.  First Off: Yes, Overwork is an Issue Overwork, although it might sound like you’d […]

Will Businesses Still Have Departments Going Forward?

Will Businesses Still Have Departments Going Forward?

While businesses are often separated into different departments (HR, sales, customer service, IT, accounting, management, etc.) they often cooperate to an extent while standing independently from one another. We wonder if this division will last going into remote work environments, and we’re going to predict what changes might begin in each of these departments. With […]