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Will Businesses Still Have Departments Going Forward?

While businesses are often separated into different departments (HR, sales, customer service, IT, accounting, management, etc.) they often cooperate to an extent while standing independently from one another. We wonder if this division will last going into remote work environments, and we’re going to predict what changes might begin in each of these departments.

With Remote Work, Departments Have Become Somewhat Moot

When the unified workforce dissolves because the shared physician environment is gone, individuals begin working on specific tasks on their own, only reaching out to others when they need help.

We’re not claiming that these departments will stop doing their job – HR will still be the bridge between management and the workforce and the sales department will still need to interact with clients, etc. But, remote work has removed a lot of the barriers that were once standing tall in between the different departments. A study found that businesses that created cross-silo teams (teams of employees across different departments) were more successful during the beginning of the pandemic. This is because they shifted their focus to how successful their employees were, not how busy they were.

Other companies reported that they had to adapt because of the furloughs that many saw because their remaining employees had to take on extra responsibilities and adapt. New roles also came from the addition of new technology and the need for someone to control and help it.

Remote work has changed the work environment for good.

Of Course, Technology is Needed to Make Remote Work a Feasible Option

Is your work environment changing? You’ll need new technology to help. Give MyTek a call at 623-312-2440 today to learn more about remote work environments.

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