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Resistant To Change? Help Your Team With These 4 Simple Strategies

Change, whether it’s within the technology you use or your business standards, can often be something your team is not comfortable with or willing to try. But did you know that your team being resistant to change is normal and that there are simple ways to help your team combat these feelings?

Why Are We Resistant to Change?

There are so many different reasons why your team will avoid or challenge change within your workplace. 

Lack of Confidence or Trust

People tend to worry about changes that are unfamiliar to them. Adding a new piece of tech they don’t know how to use will definitely raise some eyebrows in your office. Honestly, a lot of the reasons why people are worried about change is that they are unsure how to adapt and change with it. 

Failure Aversion

If they don’t know how to use it or how to adapt to it, people automatically think they will probably fail. To guard themselves against unwanted failure, most people reject change at all. This relates to the last step and has to do with the comfort they feel with said changes, and if they feel like they are equipped to handle it.

Communication Issues

Changes aren’t often discussed in depth before they are done. Usually, a team is supposed to simply jump on board without much discussion or without being able to voice their concerns. 

How to Create a Better Response to Changes

While change is unavoidable, you can minimize the pushback from your team with a few simple strategies:


Communicate with your team and share incoming changes with them before they are implemented. This will help them see the benefits before it’s pushed on them and will also allow them time to give feedback and ask questions. They won’t feel as rushed and they will feel more open to voicing their concerns so everyone feels comfortable. 

Show Benefits

When change comes about, it’s easy to point out its flaws. Because of this, you should take some extra time to help them understand why the change is being made in the first place and the benefits it can bring along. Most people believe in “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” and might be confused as to why you’re updating something they liked. 

Gradual Pushes

Everything changing all at once can cause a ton of stress and can overwhelm your team. Instead, start with little and gradual pushes and changes. Don’t pull the rug out from under them, instead, change little things and teach them as you go.

Support Your Team

Listen to them, give them an opportunity to learn, treat them as humans who make honest mistakes. They are going to be bumps in the road, so give your team grace as they navigate the changes you’ve implemented.

Resistant to change? When it comes to IT, change is inevitable, so have MyTek help you out by putting these tips into practice. Call us today at 623-312-2440.

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