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Could A Four-Day Work Week Benefit Your Team AND Business?

Since remote work is now more common than taboo, employees are gaining control over their work schedules and how much they can do throughout the week. Because of this, we’re finding that employees want more control over their work schedules and a short workweek might be the key to this. Do you think a four-day work week could ever be in the cards? Here’s why it might be beneficial for your team AND your business.

The Four-Day Work Week

Let’s discuss how a four-day workweek would look different than the typical five-day work week. First of all, we are not suggesting a pay cut of any kind. Your employees would still make the same salary as they would if they worked all five days. This might sound extreme, but let’s look at the math,

In 1890, full-time workers would routinely work around 100 hours a week. Now, 40-hour workweeks have been placed as a limit for working hours. This has increased productivity, kept workers safe and has had so many other benefits. What would happen if we decreased it even more?


Hear us out, there are some extreme benefits of a four-day workweek:

Boosted Productivity

Overworking is one of the biggest problems for workers worldwide. Feeling overworked can plummet productivity and has been proven to hurt businesses. When employees feel like they are not overworked, they can more easily be productive and won’t have a strain on your business. Some notable examples include Norway, Denmark and Germany which have all proven this to be true with their workweeks.

Engaged Employees

Engagement and production are always linked to employee satisfaction. Giving your employees an extra day off will allow them more time to relax, take care of themself and feel better overall. This will be reflected in the workplace.

No Matter Your Hours, We’ll Be There to Support You

Even if you aren’t switching over to a four-day work week, you still need technology resources available. Give MyTek a call if you need help with managed IT services and more at 623-312-2440.

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