Forming A Data Breach Response Plan Can Save Your Business

What Would You Do in Response to a Breach?

For obvious reasons, here at MyTek, we like to focus on the prevention and avoidance of cybersecurity breaches, but even so, it is important to address how you should respond if a successful breach is headed your way. Today, we’re going to talk about a data breach response plan. But what is a breach response […]

How To Prevent Data Breaches And What To Be On The Lookout For

What Most Often Leads to a Data Breach?

Data breaches, an event where a business’s data is stolen, viewed or copied by an unauthorized party, are serious issues in any industry. Today, we’re looking at some of the most likely reasons and ways that data breaches are caused and how to prevent data breaches.  Software Vulnerabilities If a piece of software you are […]

March 31st Is World Backup Day, But We SHould Backup Every Day

With a Managed Service Provider, Every Day is Backup Day

March 31st is the official World Backup Day, which is a day all about reminding us to back up our important files. This day is not only a critical reminder, but we hope that you’re backing up your data every single day (not just one day a year). Today, we’re going to discuss how to […]

Cloud Cybersecurity Tips That Will Keep Your Data Safe

How to Fight Back Against Cloud-Based Cybercrime

Honestly, the cloud is one of the most beneficial tools you could be using at the moment. While this statement is true, and we recommend the cloud to just about everyone, it can be a harbor for modern cybercriminals. Because of its new opportunities for cybercriminals, we want you to be well aware so you […]

Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Can Change Many Aspects Of The Industry

Artificial Intelligence Can Bring Healthcare Some Welcome Advances

The healthcare industry operates under very high pressure, which is quite understandable. Because of this, it makes sense that technology had the ability to make the lives of healthcare providers and administrators easier. Today, we’re going to discuss healthcare artificial intelligence and how it could change the industry for the better. AI Can Efficiently Analyze […]

Cloud Provider Security & User Error – How To Keep Your Cloud Secure

What You Can Do to Make Your Cloud Resources More Secure

We love the cloud, especially when it comes to data storage, but we wouldn’t recommend using it without a solid security strategy. Whether you’re using it for backing up your infrastructure or for all of your business’ security needs, security needs to be a key factor. Let’s talk about cloud provider security. The Provider Determines […]

Cybersecurity Term Definitions Your Team Should Know

What’s the Difference Between a Security Incident and a Breach?

Your team needs to know everything they can about cybersecurity because they are your men and women on the frontlines. When a threat approached, they are the ones who need to know how to handle it. That’s why it is important to educate them about everything they need to know. In today’s article, we are […]

Ransomware is Only Getting Worse in 2022… So What Can You Do?

Ransomware is Only Getting Worse in 2022… So What Can You Do?

Ransomware is not going anywhere. So, today, we’re going to take a look at the way it is changing and how to avoid ransomware today. First, let’s talk about what ransomware is and then, what we can do to resist it. What is Ransomware: A Review Ransomware is the kind of malware that locks down […]

Encryption: What It Is, and How It Works

Encryption: What It Is, and How It Works

Data needs to be protected and more and more safeguards are being needed to keep it from being taken for granted. One major way you can protect your data is through encryption. But what is encryption and how does it work? What is Encryption? We all know about codes and ciphers, like the Caeser cipher […]

So, Your Data Was Breached… What Do You Do Now?

So, Your Data Was Breached… What Do You Do Now?

Data breaches happen more than we would like, even during the holiday season. While we should do a lot to prevent these types of attacks, we should also be prepared for how to deal with them if they do happen. MyTek can help with preventing these from the get-go, but sometimes, there is only so […]


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