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Cybersecurity Term Definitions Your Team Should Know

Your team needs to know everything they can about cybersecurity because they are your men and women on the frontlines. When a threat approached, they are the ones who need to know how to handle it. That’s why it is important to educate them about everything they need to know. In today’s article, we are going to discuss some cybersecurity term definitions, so you can teach them about everything and they can know the difference between a “breach” and a “security incident.”

What is a “Data Breach?”

A breach is when your business’ data is accessed by someone outside of the organization, through their efforts. One definition from Trend Micro is “an incident wherein information is stolen or taken from a system without the knowledge or authorization of the system’s owner.” This means that a breach is when data is accessed by an unauthorized user, which is not always necessarily a malicious thing.

What is a “Security Incident?”

This is a blanket term given to any violation of established security policies. And this is also at any scale. A security incident isn’t malicious, but it is always a potential threat.

Here are a few circumstances included:

  • A spam email arriving in an inbox
  • A Distributed Denial of Service attack
  • A misuse of portable storage
  • A malware infection
  • A brute force attack
  • And so much more

Security incidents are often separated by how serious they are. We separate these into high-priority, medium priority and low priority.

Isn’t This Just a Difference in Semantics?

While messing up a few of these terms might not matter too much in the long run, it is important for your team to be on the page so they can effectively articulate what is happening around them. 

Before your team even needs to discuss these threats, MyTek can stop them from coming. Give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more about our solutions and some other cybersecurity term definitions.

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