Cloud Provider Security & User Error – How To Keep Your Cloud Secure

We love the cloud, especially when it comes to data storage, but we wouldn’t recommend using it without a solid security strategy. Whether you’re using it for backing up your infrastructure or for all of your business’ security needs, security needs to be a key factor. Let’s talk about cloud provider security.

The Provider Determines How Secure Your Cloud Storage Is

Unlike having your own server, a cloud server is someone else’s and they are the ones responsible for keeping your data safe. This means that you should only trust a cloud provider that is trustworthy. 

Data Availability

Once your security is taken care of, it is important to keep the accessibility of your storage in mind. If your data isn’t accessible, then what is the point? A cloud provider needs to be able to guarantee a certain level of uptime to you. 

User Error

If we’re being honest, most security issues within the cloud come from user error. Here re a few examples of this:

  • Your users store data on unapproved platforms or services
  • Files are shared incorrectly
  • Cloud resources become available because of poor and insecure password
  • Accidental deleting
  • Insecure devices being used to access the cloud

The cloud is pretty secure, as long as your team is trained and knows the wrongs and rights. MyTek can help with this team training and can help with cloud provider security, along with user errors you might encounter. Call us at 623-312-2440 to learn more about this topic and so many others.

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