How To Prevent Data Breaches And What To Be On The Lookout For

Data breaches, an event where a business’s data is stolen, viewed or copied by an unauthorized party, are serious issues in any industry. Today, we’re looking at some of the most likely reasons and ways that data breaches are caused and how to prevent data breaches. 

Software Vulnerabilities

If a piece of software you are using has some form of vulnerability, hackers can take advantage of this in many different ways. This might be an improperly coded application, an out-of-date or neglected software or even a misconfiguration. You should be absolutely certain that your software has been cleared and vetted by an IT resource or team and that you are properly updating and patching it as needed.

Insufficient Passwords

We will continue to say that insufficient passwords are one of the main ways data is breached, and it’s all too common. If you’re worried about the security of your team’s password, we recommend implementing other forms of authentication like three-step authentication. This is a much harder process for hackers to break into. 

Social Engineering

Hackers don’t always use fancy equipment or complicated methods. Sometimes, a simple pop-up asking for access is all it takes. Your team needs to be trained to have a weary eye for anything that might seem out of the ordinary. The click of a button is sometimes all it takes. 

Excessive Permissions

Why does every employee need access to everything? They don’t! Having specific permission for your data can safeguard it from harm. Keep your data on a need-to-know basis so it is only in the hands of those who use it, meaning it has less chance of being targetted by hackers.

Malicious Insiders

We have to be honest with you and say that hackers aren’t always the problem. Sometimes, insiders on your team might be the ones doing the leaking and infiltrating. Once again, we encourage you to restrict your permissions so that your employees only have access to the data you need, so if something bad happens, the incident can be minimized. 


Malware comes in so many different forms and many forms will target your data. Malware also has many different routes like links, attachments, emails, Wi-Fi connections, through your printer, through a USB… the list goes on. All you can do is keep your network and devices as sturdy and safe as possible by working with a highly trained IT team like MyTek. 

Turn to Us for Assistance in Securing Your Data

Mytek is here to help you prevent data breaches, so give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn about all the different methods of protecting your valuable data and how to prevent data breaches.

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