Cloud Cybersecurity Tips That Will Keep Your Data Safe

Honestly, the cloud is one of the most beneficial tools you could be using at the moment. While this statement is true, and we recommend the cloud to just about everyone, it can be a harbor for modern cybercriminals. Because of its new opportunities for cybercriminals, we want you to be well aware so you can protect your business. Here are some cloud cybersecurity tips.

How Does the Cloud Enable Cybercrime?

Even before the pandemic influenced remote work, the cloud has seen its usage rise steadily for the past few years. It has been an incredible utility to businesses but new technology often gives cybercriminals new opportunities to strike. Here are just a few ways.

Complicated Configurations

Your cloud solution or service might need to be configured in certain ways, and if this isn’t done correctly, it can easily be a vulnerability for your business. It’s crucial for you to have a professional involved in your configuration and setup so everything goes according to plan.

Inherent Insecurity

There are so many insecurities that can appear, such as interfaces or within the application itself. This means that you should be protecting your data in many ways, like encrypting your data that is within your cloud.

Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks

A DoS attack, or a denial-of-service attack, is when computing resources are leveraged against the target to overwhelm it by using traffic. The cloud makes this popular tactic simple because they can rent these resources and it allows them more capability and flexibility.

How to Secure Your Cloud Solutions

There are some simple cloud cybersecurity tips that will help you secure your business. Let’s look at a few.

Authentication and Access Management

Most of the time, cybercriminals get into your cloud because of insufficiently secure passwords. Because of this, you should add more authentication requirements to your cloud, so that access is limited to you and your employees only.

Endpoint Security

Endpoints (aka your peripherals, computers and hardware) are so important for your business. Even so, they should all be protected so that no cybercriminal can get in easily. Networks are often infiltrated through a weak endpoint, so look here for security protocols.


By encrypting your data, you are scrambling and shuffling it so it is unrecognizable without proper decryption keys. This safeguard makes it so that even if your data has been taken, it is useless for the hacker.

Data Backup

You should always back up your data. One of your backups may be on the cloud, but you should always have three different backups, so if something happens, you have other options.

Teach Your Team

When it comes to good security, it starts with your team. You should always train them properly so they are not making any cybersecurity mistakes, and are ready to be on the frontlines for your business. Without them following protocols, your business and its data can be at risk.

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