Keeping Your Smartphone Safe From IT Security Threats

Mobile phones have become an extension of our daily life. We use them to not just communicate with friends and family, but to search, and browse myriads of content. For business purposes, we use a smartphone to communicate with our colleagues. Since mobile phones contain a large part of our personal and professional data, they […]

Smartphones Have New Roles in Business

Smartphones have become indispensable in today’s world. Be it personal or professional life; smartphones have made it easier. Connecting with your friends and family, checking office mail, or tracking locations, these hones have various benefits. However, the overuse of them by employees can lead to lower business productivity. Today, we’ll consider the harmful effects of […]

New Foldable Smartphones Launching in 2019

Have you ever used or heard of foldable smartphones? So far, no manufacturer has succeeded in making a smartphone that can fold exactly right in the middle. However, 2019 is a landmark year for foldable smartphones, with many manufacturers pledging to come out with innovative models. Let’s understand in detail what is in store for […]

Is Having a Constant Stream of Notifications Necessary?

Imagine this, you’ve come across a new application online and downloaded it. While installing it on your PC, you get a message asking for ‘allowing notifications.’ Without thinking much, you accept the notifications. But, you realize your blunder later when a constant notifications disturb your day. You get distracted at work or even while having […]

How Can You Find Your Lost Smartphone?

Could Voice Authentication Join the Ranks of MFA?

Smartphones have become an extension of our daily life. We can carry them everywhere and several business applications such as Outlook, and Microsoft Teams are available as mobile apps. That’s why using smartphones also makes the user very productive even when they’re out of the office. However, with all these features, there is a high […]

Augmented Reality Growth Presents Interesting Applications

You may have heard the term augmented reality, but you may be surprised to learn just how much A.R. you already use in your life. For the majority of people who use a smartphone, A.R. applications (like a camera app) are already used en masse. Today, we’ll take a look at augmented reality and how […]

Ditching the iPhone for an Android Phone Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Learning how to use a new interface can be complicated and feel overwhelming. If you have been an Apple customer for many years and are worried about switching to an Android device, you should know that the difference between the two interfaces can be challenging. Here are a few of the things we think you […]