How Can You Find Your Lost Smartphone?

Smartphones have become an extension of our daily life. We can carry them everywhere and several business applications such as Outlook, and Microsoft Teams are available as mobile apps. That’s why using smartphones also makes the user very productive even when they’re out of the office. However, with all these features, there is a high risk of losing important information if we lose our smartphones. So let’s look into how you can find your lost smartphone.

Immediate consequences of losing a smartphone

Most smartphones come with high price tags these days. So losing money is always a concern. Apart from that, our smartphones store so much more than just contact information or media content. The moment we start using a new smartphone, we enter a lot of information and open up several permissions. Multiple accounts might have also been integrated into it. Losing a phone means losing all that. If a person gets access to your phone, they have a chance of getting all that information. In the current Android devices, most apps have two-factor authentications. The in-built device tracking systems in Android devices are very helpful to find the lost devices as well. 

Locate your smartphone using location services 

If you have a smartphone with your location services on, that alone will not help you detect a lost phone. You should also enable a few other options in the Settings to know the accurate location of your lost device. You must make sure you do these:

  • From the Settings, go to Find My Device. Now, turn on this feature if it is not done already.
  • Allow Google to use your location history. This is needed for finding the location of your device with high accuracy.

Now, from a web browser, you can access the same Google account with which you have signed in to your lost phone.

Find my Device app is very helpful and has multiple features. You can also use this app to remotely find, lock, or erase data from your phone. But for these to function, your phone must be turned on, signed into the google account you can access remotely, and must be connected to a network (mobile data or wifi).

With the Find my Device app, you can remotely lock your smartphone and display a custom message. The people who find your smartphone can then return it to you. You can also make the phone ring if you are anywhere near it.

The last option can be erasing all the data from your phone using the Find my Device app. Do not do this unless it is extremely necessary as you will permanently lose all the data stored in your smartphone. 

Things to remember

As with the loss of any item, act as fast as you can so that there are high chanc you can find your lost smartphone. All the methods suggested work only if your smartphone is turned on. Most thieves switch off the device seconds after getting their hands on them. So if you think your phone was stolen, report it to the authorities immediately.

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