Phoenix Managed IT Services Firm MyTek’s Tip of the Week: What To Do With a Wet Smartphone

Wet smartphones happen. It could be an accidental drop pool, kitchen sink, or even the toilet (yikes!). It’s embarrassing to accept our mistakes. But, don’t worry! It can happen to anyone. Here are some time-tested tips and tricks to get your wet smartphone back in action.

These days, smartphone devices are manufactured to be water-resistant. The IP score of these devices establishes the degree of protection of your smartphone device. IP or international protection is a standard set by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

For example, if your smartphone device is IP rated as IP67, it is dustproof. Also, it can remain submerged in water for up to ½ hour, and that too a maximum of one-meter depth. Similarly, the IP68 rating means your smartphone can submerge in one-and-half meter depth for half an hour. So, you have a better chance of saving your smartphone device at a greater depth.

However, ensure that you don’t expose your smartphone devices to water for a long time. But, if the exposure happens accidentally, don’t worry. MyTek has some tips and tricks to solve the submerged smartphone issue.

8 Tips to Save Your Wet Smartphone

  • Try to turn off the device: First and foremost, turn off your device. If it’s turned off, let it remain in the same condition. Don’t ever try to use a blower to dry your smartphone. It can turn out to be harmful. Also, avoid shaking it or charging it to turn it on.
  • Remove your SIM card or any external storage memory you have in your device: To make sure that your SIM card or data card is not affected, remove them quickly from your smartphone. 
  • If possible, try removing your smartphone battery: Most smartphones have easy to remove the battery compartment. But, if you have a complicated battery case, do not use a pin or sharp object to remove the battery. Instead, take it to a mobile store. Or, watch some expert videos on YouTube to get a clear idea.
  • Dry your phone with an absorbent: Use a cotton cloth or sponge to spread the absorbent liquid quickly. But, make sure that it does not extend deep into the interiors of the phone.
  • Use a zip lock bag filled with uncooked rice to bury the smartphone: The rice has a natural absorption property. Once you keep your phone safe in a zip lock bag along with the raw rice, you can safely get rid of moisture.
  • Key your phone aside for two days to let it dry: Wait for two days till your phone completely dries up. Keep the phone in a warm area of your room.
  • Try turning on your device after you dry it: Once your phone dries up in 2 days, try turning on your smartphone. If it doesn’t work, try charging your phone. Else, you may want to take your phone to a mobile repair shop. Probably, your phone battery is damaged, so you can get it fixed up.
  • Do a final test of your smartphone: If your phone turns on, you can check for the performance of the basic functionalities like microphone, screen display, touch buttons, and more.

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