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Is Having a Constant Stream of Notifications Necessary?

Imagine this, you’ve come across a new application online and downloaded it. While installing it on your PC, you get a message asking for ‘allowing notifications.’ Without thinking much, you accept the notifications.

But, you realize your blunder later when a constant notifications disturb your day. You get distracted at work or even while having your meals. Are these streams of notifications necessary in your life? Can you do away with it?

While some notifications from banking apps keep you up to date with your financial status, some app notifications do not serve any practical purpose. You need to choose those app notifications that serve a real purpose wisely.

We share with you some strategies to minimize unwanted notifications on your PC.

Let’s start!

What Challenge Do Notifications Pose?

Notifications per se are not problematic. Companies send regular updates about their products or services through notifications. In a fast-changing digital era, notifications get you closer to your customers.

Initially, notifications were meant for direct one-on-one communication with the customers. Companies regularly mailed their target audience about new features, app updates, and more. But, nowadays, direct app notifications have become popular. Businesses feel that if they constantly message customers through the app, customers will use the app frequently. But, these notifications are more nuisance than beneficial.

In the following sections, let’s see how to manage notifications in both Android and iOS effectively.

How to Manage Android Notifications?

Android phones have an intuitive feature to prioritize the notifications received from different apps. Also, the latest versions allow for messages even if your phone is locked. While some advanced Android phones use version 8.0 Oreo, others use the customized 9.0 Pie version.

Let’s understand how to turn off notifications in both 8.0 Oreo and 9.0 Pie.

Android 8.0 Oreo 

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Select the apps & notifications option.
  3. Once you select the notifications menu, you can access the apps individually to turn off the notifications.
  4. To turn off notifications on a locked screen, go to the menu notifications and select the lock screen option. Then, click on ‘don’t show notifications at all’. Henceforth, you won’t receive any notifications when your phone is locked.

Android 9.0 Pie

  1. Once you receive a notification from an app, long-press that notification. Then, you get the stop notifications.
  2. Also, when you swipe down the notifications bar, you get the option to Manage notifications.
  3. If you want to stop notifications from the most disturbing app, you can go to the settings to access the app notifications section. You can quickly sort the app using the most frequent or most recent option.

How to Tackle iOS Notifications

In Apple phones, the upgrade happens automatically to the latest version. At present, the most recent version of the Apple phone is iOS 12. 

All you need to do is go to the notifications center to turn on/off the notifications of your preferred apps. 

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Then, click on the notifications option.
  3. Choose the apps whose notifications you want to turn off using a toggle button.

Though notifications help send essential business updates, they can also cause distractions. Hence, mobile phone users need to have the flexibility to choose the notifications they want to receive.

To know more about how to configure notifications on your mobile device, feel free to subscribe to the blogs of MyTek, a Phoenix-managed IT firm.

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