Keeping Your Smartphone Safe From IT Security Threats

Mobile phones have become an extension of our daily life. We use them to not just communicate with friends and family, but to search, and browse myriads of content. For business purposes, we use a smartphone to communicate with our colleagues. Since mobile phones contain a large part of our personal and professional data, they are the common targets of cybercriminals.

To ensure that you keep your smartphone safe,  MyTek explains a few good practices that your organization should adopt.

Smartphone Security Tip #1: Always Keep Your Smartphone with You

Most of us are careful about handling our smartphones. But, sometimes we tend to misplace them. Ensure that you do not leave your smartphone unattended in the open, as there could be a risk to the smartphone data. This could be confidential data or your company documents. If your organization has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, there’s a chance that multiple devices connected to your smartphone. Though remote wiping measures reduce data risk, there is a high possibility of a data breach before you start the wipe.

Smartphone Security  Tip #2: Be Cautious While Connecting to Wireless Networks

WiFi and Bluetooth connections are necessary to access important information for your business. But, Bluetooth and WiFi can also lead to connections to unsecured networks. These networks pose a huge security risk in the form of malware, phishing, and ransomware. Hence, ensure that you don’t connect to unsecured networks.

Smartphone Security Tip #3: Safeguard Your Personal Details

Most smartphones allow you to store your personal details like PINs, passwords, and payment card information. By storing your details, you don’t need to remember lengthy passwords and can easily log in. But, if an intruder gets access to your phone, they can easily log in to view your details. You can either choose not to store these personal details or, you can use security software to protect your data. If you need help in selecting the best software solutions provider, reach out to Mytek

Smartphone Security Tip #4: Regularly Wipe Browsing Data

Your phone retains a lot of data, like documents, videos, and browsing history. A cybercriminal can easily misuse this data. Hence, it is better to clear out the data often.

To keep your smartphone safe from IT security risks, you need to protect it from all security breaches. MyTek, a Phoenix-based IT services firm, has the right experience and tools to help you with this. Contact us at 623-312-2440 today.

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