Resistant To Change? Help Your Team With These 4 Simple Strategies

Tip of the Week: Why Your Team is Resistant to IT (or Any) Change

Change, whether it’s within the technology you use or your business standards, can often be something your team is not comfortable with or willing to try. But did you know that your team being resistant to change is normal and that there are simple ways to help your team combat these feelings? Why Are We […]

What the Windows 8.1 End-of-Life Event Means for Your Business

What the Windows 8.1 End-of-Life Event Means for Your Business

Windows 11 is on its way, quickly, so it’s time for your business to start thinking about Windows upgrades and end-of-life scenarios that may reveal themselves. This includes Windows 8.1, which is going to expire in 2023. If your business uses this, there might be issues. You also might be wondering if you have the […]

Simple IT Practices for Business Success Today

Tip of the Week: Simple IT Practices for Business Success

Simple IT Practices for Business Success: Most businesses nowadays rely quite heavily on information technology to operate, as I’ve no doubt that you’re aware of. That’s why we thought it would be valuable to share some very simple IT best practices to help assist your operations by keeping your resources productive and secured. Keep Systems […]

This is Your Last Chance to Abandon Windows 7, Says Phoenix IT Services Group

In just over a week, Microsoft is retiring two of its most popular operating systems – although this shouldn’t be news at this point. Microsoft has consistently been reminding Windows 7 users that they need to upgrade before January 14, running a major campaign to do so, but there are still a quarter of all […]

Phoenix IT Company Weighs in On Windows 10 Timeline

Microsoft Windows has been an all-time favorite computer OS for 35 years now. In a couple of weeks, Windows 7 OS will retire. Post this development, only Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 will remain operational. Today, we will share with you a clear roadmap on what to expect from Microsoft’s Windows 10 timeline and its release. […]

SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 to Lose Support

SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008, two famous relational database management systems from Microsoft, stand to lose support on July 9, 2019.  If your business uses any of these database management systems, it is time to think for an upgrade. Today, we’ll take a look at the uses of business software along with […]

MyTek’s Tip of the Week: How to Align Your IT with Your Goals

Every business hardware comes with an expiry date. At some point, you need to either replace the components or change the hardware altogether. It can be taxing for your business as an upgrade comes with additional costs. Also, there could be misalignment with your IT goals. But don’t worry, MyTek will guide you through this […]

Server Problems? Here are 3 Signs that Your Server May Be On Its Last Legs

Server problems are just plain crippling. Your business server handles a lot of crucial data for your organization. Over the years, it can be overloaded with data and may become slow. A slow server can negatively affect the growth of your business. You need to recognize the aging signs of your server and take corrective […]

Signs That Your Business Needs to Upgrade Your Crucial IT

Chances are if you are in business today, there are a lot of devices on your network that you haven’t touched in years, might not be using, or don’t even need. Unfortunately, there are times when the technology you have doesn’t really do much other than take up space. If you feel like you are […]