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What the Windows 8.1 End-of-Life Event Means for Your Business

Windows 11 is on its way, quickly, so it’s time for your business to start thinking about Windows upgrades and end-of-life scenarios that may reveal themselves. This includes Windows 8.1, which is going to expire in 2023. If your business uses this, there might be issues. You also might be wondering if you have the hardware necessary to handle an upgrade. Let’s take a look at what all of this might mean for your business.

Windows 8.1 is Only Kind of Windows 8

Did you know there are major differences between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1? Well, they might not seem very different but they definitely are. Windows 8 was released in 2012 and was Microsoft’s attempt at making an operating system that could work on all different types of devices like desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Sadly, this did not pan out in the way they expected it to and changed people’s expectations for operating systems in the future. Many people opted to stay with Windows 7 instead. Because of this, Windows made 8.1 which restored many of the features that users were missing and wanting back, like the Start menu.

8.1 saved the day for Microsoft, and it was much better accepted by customers. Because of this, they cut off support for Windows 8 before they scheduled to. 

What You Need to Know

If you are currently using Windows 8.1, you will need to start thinking about your exit strategy and how upgrading may affect your business. At least, you’ll want to update to Windows 10. You’ll need to make sure you have hardware that can run Windows 11 if that is something you will want to switch to. Do not wait until the last minute, because that end-of-life sentence can affect your business in huge ways.

Why Is It Important to Only Use Supported Software?

Using unsupported software is not only difficult but can also be really unsafe. Unsupported software won’t be able to have security updates and fixes that your business should be taking advantage of. If you’re using Windows 8.1 right now, we suggest you start thinking about your transition ASAP. MyTek is here to help and to answer any questions you have about this transition. Give us a call at 623-312-2444 to set up an appointment.

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