Phoenix IT Security Firms Shares How to Get Rid of an Old Computer Without Sacrificing Security

Do you have an old laptop but don’t know how to dispose of it?  We need to adapt to new technologies and constantly upgrade our old systems. There is a definite way to dispose of your old systems as well. But what if your old system’s security gets compromised? Don’t worry! There are techniques to avoid this situation. 

Phoenix IT security company MyTek shares some crucial ideas to dispose of your old laptop or desktop with ease. 

Security Tip 1 from Phoenix IT: How to Deal with Your Data

While disposing of your old hardware, you may not want to lose the crucial software data. Hence, ensure that your data is well protected and backed before discarding your old hardware. Also, there are chances of your storage components being acquired illegally so your sensitive data may get extracted by cybercriminals.

Just deleting your data won’t prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Use software to overwrite and delete all stored data, avoiding any data recovery or leaks. Then, encrypt your computer drive, deauthorize your system from multiple accounts, delete all browsing history, and uninstall different programs on the device. In the end, finish the process with a factory reset.

Also, you can remove your hard drive and store it securely or destroy it completely.

Am I Safe, If the Computer Doesn’t Turn On?

If the computer does not turn on, there is no guarantee that it does not have any data. It could still have the data as the hard drive could remain untouched despite major computer issues.

Hence, either your data can be saved and extracted by someone, or hackers may be misguided to believe that they can break into your system. 

Security Tip 2 from Phoenix IT: How to Get Rid of Your Computer?

Once you clear sensitive data from your computer, it’s time to dispose of it. There are crucial do’s and don’ts for carrying out this process. Don’t leave it open in your college apartment couch or dump it in a landfill. These electronics equipment contain massive amounts of heavy metals, which can harm the environment. 

Hence, recycling your electronic item is the best option. However, you need to be cautious about certain fraudulent companies. Some recycling companies will dump the electronics waste in a developing nation. It can then end up in children’s hands or leach into groundwater. This can be poisonous for the children’s health or the environmental health as a whole. Hence, find a platform that only deals with ethical recyclers. 

Lastly, you can also donate your computer for charity after wiping data off your hard drive or even replacing them. 

MyTek, a Phoenix IT security firm, can safely guide you with disposing of your computer. Contact us at 623-312-2440 to learn more.

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