Russia is Upping Their Cyber Attacks – Are You Protected?

russia, ukraine

Ever since the U.S. imposed sanctions on Russia for its war on Ukraine, there have been growing apprehensions that a full-blown cyberattack is imminent. Judging by the recent malware tools detected by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), it seems the cyberattacks have already reached the American shore.  Mandiant, a private cybersecurity partner working […]

Unifying Security Solutions Can Create A Protective Barrier

Unifying Your Business’ Security Infrastructure

Does your business have numerous different security solutions all working at once? Do they protect an assortment of specific parts of your infrastructure? While this is fine because we’re happy you have some form of security, we actually want you to consider unifying security solutions, so everything can work together. Having separate solutions or “point […]

A Brief History of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has been a major headache for businesses in the 21st century and the post-pandemic era has only made the matter worse. According to a Check Point report, corporate networks in 2021 saw a 50% increase in cyberattacks from 2020, with December touching an all-time high. Online threat agents have come a long way from […]

Forming A Data Breach Response Plan Can Save Your Business

What Would You Do in Response to a Breach?

For obvious reasons, here at MyTek, we like to focus on the prevention and avoidance of cybersecurity breaches, but even so, it is important to address how you should respond if a successful breach is headed your way. Today, we’re going to talk about a data breach response plan. But what is a breach response […]

Email Security Protocols & Training To Help Your Team

Why You Should Boost Your Email Security

Out of your company’s technology, we’d argue that your emails are one of the most important. Because of how much your team uses email to communicate, we think you should up your email security protocols, so cybercriminals can’t attack your accounts.  The Importance of Email Security We want you to realize that your business faces […]

Zero Trust Security Will Keep Your Business Safe – Here’s How

As Remote Work Continues, Zero-Trust Security is Paramount

Remote work introduces risks that weren’t relevant to the work environment before. In terms of your business’s cybersecurity, remote working makes it a lot easier for hackers and threats to seep through. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can incorporate zero trust security into your team’s game plan and how it will help […]

Keep Your Business Credit Card Security On High Alert With These Tips

Protecting Your Company Credit Cards

Obviously, you need to be protecting the credit card data you collect from your customers and clients. But, you might not have put enough thought into protecting the credit card data of your own team. Let’s take a look at business credit card security and some important tips and tricks to keep in mind.  Is […]

Passwordless Authentication Options Will Become The New Norm

Have Passwords Finally Outlived their Usefulness?

Ever since 1960, weddings have been a primary data security measure. They were original suggested by MIT researcher Fernando Corbató and his contemporaries, although security concerns were limited at the time. Now, security concerns are not limited and we’re wondering: will passwords be replaced as the default authentication measure soon? We think passwordless authentication options […]

Cloud Cybersecurity Tips That Will Keep Your Data Safe

How to Fight Back Against Cloud-Based Cybercrime

Honestly, the cloud is one of the most beneficial tools you could be using at the moment. While this statement is true, and we recommend the cloud to just about everyone, it can be a harbor for modern cybercriminals. Because of its new opportunities for cybercriminals, we want you to be well aware so you […]

Evaluate Your Cybersecurity With MyTek’s Help

Take a Long Look at Your Cybersecurity

Is your cybersecurity effective? Gauging this question can be a daunting task. Even though it might be intimidating, we assure you that upkeeping your security is one of the most important tasks. Today, we’re going to look at four steps to help you evaluate your cybersecurity. Step One: What are your weaknesses? The first step […]


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