Passwordless Authentication Options Will Become The New Norm

Ever since 1960, weddings have been a primary data security measure. They were original suggested by MIT researcher Fernando Corbató and his contemporaries, although security concerns were limited at the time. Now, security concerns are not limited and we’re wondering: will passwords be replaced as the default authentication measure soon? We think passwordless authentication options are becoming the new norm for more reasons than one.

Passwords are Problematic Because We Are

Do you know what the most popular password in 2020 was? 123456.

And in 2021? 123456.

And, at the beginning of 2022? 123456. 

We wish we were joking. Research has shown time and time again that password practices are often shameful and can easily lead to huge data breaches. But beyond their security ramifications, passwords also are wasting your business a lot of time. Here’s how.

Help Desk Calls For Password Resets

Password resettings are one of the most common reasons help desks are contacted. Often, password reset requests are not as simple as they seem, and employees need help from a  professional. Let’s look at all of the ways password resets create a black hole of wasted time.

  • Employee types in their password. It’s wrong. They try a few more, also wrong. They are either locked out of their account or end up giving up. 
  • They reach out to support for help, have to wait for someone to become available to assist them. More time wasted.
  • Someone is ready to assist them, and they explain the situation. Time wasted here on both ends.
  • The support team now will need time to fix the problem.
  • Throughout this entire process, your employee hasn’t been able to get any work done. This happens too often.

Passwordless Technologies Make More Sense

Passwordless authentication measures are one of the best options for businesses. They’ll help uphold your security, but they will also help your team cut down on wasted time. Will passwords be replaced in the future? We think so. Give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more about passwordless authentication options.

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