How to Avoid Business Complacency

Does your business get thousands of eyeballs each day? Is your customer acquisition at an all-time high? Do you have a high-profit margin? If the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes, you are running a successful business. But on the other side, have you stopped interacting with your returning customers? Or you […]

What Will We Use When the Computer Mouse Goes Extinct?

There was a time when a punch card was the major thing in computers. We could punch holes to feed the instructions into the device. Over the years, we made the transition to a computer mouse and keyboard. But what does the future hold? Can any other device replace the essential mouse? With the rapid […]

Phoenix IT Firm MyTek Says Monitoring Your Whole Business is Smart

Managing a business requires a lot of monitoring, and with enough of it, you might be able to enhance productivity through proactive maintenance and management. Let’s take a look at some of the issues that organizations commonly deal with in regard to management and monitoring. Why is Monitoring Necessary? Simply put, there are too many […]

Tips on How to Be More Productive by Not Working

Did you know that not working (well at least taking a break) is essential for your mental well-being? Whether you are a good employee or a homemaker, it is necessary to destress yourself by diverting your attention. Our brains need to calm down to avoid chronic burnout. But, what are the ways to take a […]

How to Maintain Your Employee’s’ Health for Everyone’s Well-Being

Your employee’s health is paramount. Happy employees are more productive, engaged, and punctual in performing their duties. They contribute positively to your overall business growth. Have you invested in your employees’ well-being lately? If not, it is time to implement certain tips. Here are some tips to incorporate employee-friendly policies at your workplace and help […]

A Technology Company Can Prevent Lost Work Time

What does a frustrating morning at work look like? You reach the office on time, ready to work, you turn on your PC just to find that there are pending updates that need to be completed. Though it doesn’t take a lot of time to finish updates, it sets the wrong tone for the entire […]

Phoenix IT Solutions Include Automation to Rejuvenate Productivity

There are some cases where productivity is a challenge, especially in the case where you’re being asked to work on something repetitive or monotonous. To make these tasks more bearable, automation solutions can be used. The Phoenix IT solutions available through MyTek can help you incorporate automation into your business’ productivity strategy. There are some […]

Business IT Support for Automation

Have you ever used a program to arrange your workplace files? If the answer is no, it’s time for you to explore the benefits of various automation techniques, and what IT support for automation can do to help you. Routine, repetitive tasks are a regular part of any organization. It consumes much time, leaving your workforce […]

Phoenix Small Business Software Increases Workplace Productivity

Productivity is one of the most vital parts of running a business, as without it no work can get done. Even if your employees look like they are keeping themselves busy, a study from the Harvard Business School suggests they may not be as busy as you think they are. How does this work?  And […]