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How to Maintain Your Employee’s’ Health for Everyone’s Well-Being

Your employee’s health is paramount. Happy employees are more productive, engaged, and punctual in performing their duties. They contribute positively to your overall business growth.

Have you invested in your employees’ well-being lately? If not, it is time to implement certain tips.

Here are some tips to incorporate employee-friendly policies at your workplace and help improve your employee’s health and everyone’s well-being.

1. Promote Healthy Diet

Many employees are happy about the fact that employers provide them with snacks in the office. But is it always a healthy snack?

The answer is “No”. Most offices provide junk food like fried items, chips, cookies, etc., to their employees. These food items have trans fats in them, which is very unhealthy. It can severely affect your employees’ health and make them more sluggish at the workplace.

Hence, instead of junk food, encourage your employees to have healthier options like dry fruits, salad, sprouts, and more. These foods are rich in healthy nutrients and make your employees productive at the workplace.

2. Encourage Frequent Drinking of Water

Your employees must be hydrated very often. Lack of water intake can seriously affect the concentration of your employees. The condition is so severe that many employees do not even feel the urge to consume more water.

Studies suggest that a drop in water intake by 1% can lead to a productivity decrease of 12%. On the other hand, a 3-4 % drop in water intake can reduce your efficiency by at least 25%.

3. Ask Your Employees to Move Around as Much as Possible

Many of your employees end up sitting the whole day as part of their 9-5 job. Constantly sitting in the same posture can cause chronic back and neck pain. This further leads to illness and decreased employee productivity.

Hence, encourage your employees to take a break every half an hour to one hour. Also, ask them to try out a flexible desk where they can work while sitting or standing. These small changes can go a long way to enhance your employee productivity.

4. Decorate Your Office with Plants

In addition to decoration, plants offer several benefits. Many of them, like the hanging pothos, require little watering and maintenance. They help you to adjust the light condition of your office. But, it can be toxic for pets. So, make sure that your pets don’t touch them.

If your workplace has low lighting, try maintaining the ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) or Peace Lily. But, make sure that your pets don’t go near the toxic Peace Lily.

Lastly, if you have good window space, install plants like jade, aloe, and cacti.

5. Lead From the Front

As an employer, your employee’s health becomes your responsibility. Push them to take sick leave if they are mentally or physically unwell. Also, you can try to include mental well-being under the company’s health insurance plan. 

These measures can temporarily postpone your work, but they will pay huge dividends in the long run. Happy and healthy employees are more efficient in their working.

Investment in employee well-being will give you the best returns in the form of an effective and efficient workplace. If you need handholding to channelize your employees’ energies, the team at MyTek can help you.

Always feel free to contact us or call us at 623-312-2440 for any help and support.

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