Tip of the Week: How to Work with PDFs

PDF or portable document file is a common file format used by businesses and consumers. The major advantage of a .pdf file is that regardless of the device you save the file, it is always accessible in the same format. However, did you know that a pdf file comes with numerous other functionalities? The Phoenix […]

You Probably Aren’t Getting the Most Out of Office 365 Says Phoenix IT Services Firm

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who works on a computer who hasn’t used at least one of the applications in Microsoft Office. Office has been a staple for professionals, students, and home users for decades. Over the last few years, Microsoft has reinvented how businesses can collaboratively use Office 365 to improve productivity, […]

Tip of the Week: Three Best Practices for Project Management

it project

If you’re running an organization, you must be handling multiple projects at once. The success of the projects depends on how effectively you can reach the goals and KPIs. However, different projects have different metrics and challenges. Hence, you need to be aware of certain project management strategies to manage multiple projects. In this article, […]

Can Too Much Data Hinder Productivity?

Productivity is an important business goal. But, a lot of workplace interruptions make it challenging to achieve these goals. Hence, companies are increasingly making use of tracking software like CRM to measure productivity. However, we need a holistic solution to have a bird’s eye view of teams and their performance when too much data is […]

Instant Messaging Tips for Greater Productivity

Effective communication forms the backbone of any successful organization. Modern communication tools ensure that you stay in constant touch with your colleagues and share ideas. When it comes to communications, instant messaging tips and tools are still the leaders. However, instant messaging needs to be used with caution. Failure to do so can blur the […]

Is Offering Remote Work a Benefit for Your Business?

As technology and business have evolved, it is now possible to work remotely from anywhere and any device. Many organizations have resorted to a remote workforce that has brought them numerous benefits. Here are some benefits of having a remote workforce for your business. Remote Work Lowers Your Office Rents Remote work can reduce the […]

Tip of the Week: Stretch Your Legs and Get Healthy at Work

The office is a place where work gets done, but it’s also known as a sedentary lifestyle. Workplace wellness programs might be an $8 billion industry, but the effectiveness of these programs has yet to be determined. Let’s take a look at what kind of office wellness programs might work for you. Multiple studies have […]

MyTek’s Tip of the Week: How to Improve Office Productivity

Some people are more productive than others while working from the office. Unproductive conversations, loud music, system failures, and lack of planning are the greatest productivity thieves in a work environment. When planned properly, you can maximize your office productivity in a distraction-free environment. Today MyTek gives you four crucial tips to enhance your work […]

What the Modern Worker Expects at His/Her Job

For any employee, their first job is always special. They get the opportunity to put their skills to the test or earn money to pay off a long-standing debt. However, these incentives are not enough to keep the modern worker loyal to your organization. They have a lot of expectations from your business. Let’s understand […]