Tip of the Week: Small Business Software Highlight: OneNote Helps Your Project Management

As far as business software goes, Microsoft OneNote is an extremely useful application for growing Arizona businesses, with plenty of features and capabilities to assist in keeping you and your employees organized. These features are actually comprehensive enough that this effective business software could feasibly serve as your project management tool. For this week’s tip, […]

Tip of the Week: Keeping Productivity Up When the Internet is Down

Internet troubles are the worst, and often it can feel like a day has been wasted if your internet is down. Today we’ve rounded up some things that can be done while you’re waiting on MyTek to fix your internet issues. Tidy Up No time for cleaning? Well, while you wait for the internet to […]

5 Ways to Reduce Technology-Related Stress in the New Year

Your business either has a sound plan to manage its IT maintenance, or it does not. There is no middle ground here. Either you have an internal team dedicated to maintaining your IT infrastructure, or it’s not being taken care of as well as it should be. Even if you do have an internal team, […]