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MyTek’s Tip of the Week: How to Improve Office Productivity

Some people are more productive than others while working from the office. Unproductive conversations, loud music, system failures, and lack of planning are the greatest productivity thieves in a work environment. When planned properly, you can maximize your office productivity in a distraction-free environment.

Today MyTek gives you four crucial tips to enhance your work productivity. Let’s begin!

Be Punctual & Reach Office on Time

Woody Allen rightly says that “90 percent of life is just showing up.” Being punctual in the office plays a significant role in enhancing your daily productivity. You have enough time to plan your day and attend to your emails. Once you finish responding to crucial emails, you can devote your time to critical tasks. Especially in the morning, you tend to be fresh and energetic while completing the tasks.

On the other hand, employees who come late to the office create a terrible impression. Most of them receive low ratings during a performance review. Even if they perform well during the later part of the day, the image does not change. Many organizations have low performers who come early, and they manage to be in the good books of their superiors due to their punctuality.

Use the First Hour to Tackle the Most Important Tasks

You could encounter various distractions at the workplace like phone calls, messages, and chats. Also, one of your team members can suddenly drop in and call you for morning coffee. These distracting events tend to break your flow of work. It requires a lot of effort to get back into the deep work state. 

You can employ various techniques to eliminate these unwanted distractions. First, schedule the initial one hour of your morning time for completing the priority tasks. Second, tell your team members not to disturb you during this time of uninterrupted work. Once they get used to your schedule, they will not bother you during the morning hours. Also, you can put your phone settings to ‘Do not disturb mode or turn off message notifications. You can check these messages at the time of your convenience, during breaks.

Reduce Distraction by Turning-Off the Music

Open workspaces with constant chatter tend to be noisier than closed spaces. Hence, you may want to distract yourself with some music. But, music can be equally distracting with loud noise and beats. You may feel that you are focusing on the task, but your brain will get exhausted due to multitasking.

A renowned neuroscientist has suggested a productive way to use music. According to him, one must listen to music before beginning an important task. In this way, you get recharged and can work uninterrupted. 

Have a Plan of Action for the Following Day

You get exhausted at the end of a workday and want just to go home to take a rest. But wait. Before winding up, devote some time to plan and organize your following day. In this way, you can understand the completed tasks, pending tasks, tasks that require rework, and more. You can be better prepared for the next day and start working tension-free. Usually, people who plan their workday are more productive as compared to those who procrastinate.

Do you know any other productivity hacks? If so, share your experience by posting it in the comments window below.


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