Phoenix Cloud Solutions Can Preserve Your Productivity

We spend a lot of time considering cloud solutions, and as a result, we have a very easy time seeing how much they can do to help support your office’s productivity (especially now, when it isn’t really recommended that anyone congregate in the office). That’s why, for this week’s tip, Phoenix cloud solutions firm MyTek […]

Phoenix IT Consulting Shares Communication Practices to Keep Everyone Aligned

A lot of people have been working from home for the better part of a month, but the rise of the remote worker was happening long before the COVID-19 outbreak demanded people work from home. Today, business owners that wouldn’t typically be in favor of a remote workforce are starting to come around as they […]

Tech Tips from MyTek: Be More Productive by Following a Routine

Efficiency is one of the most important aspects of business. How well does your team work and how is their focus? Even when your employees are working at home, efficiency comes into place. Today we’re going to talk about how routines can help you work better. What Makes a Routine So Beneficial? If your routine […]

Phoenix IT Security: Remote Workforce & IT Security

There are many reasons that your team may want (or need) to work from home, and there are many reasons to allow them to do so. A 2019 survey by OwlLabs indicated that 71 percent of remote workers are happy with their job (as compared to 55 percent of on-site workers); remote workers responded that they […]

The Employee’s Guide to Working Remotely

If you find yourself working remotely, you’ll need an action plan, because it’s not always as easy a task as you might think it will be. MyTek, which is a Phoenix IT company, is known for helping companies like yours when it comes to working remotely, and making sure everything runs smoothly. Security Considerations Especially […]

Work Better From Home Tips

Thanks to Covid-19, the majority of the businesses have shifted to a work-from-home schedule. While some employees enjoy the changed work scenario, others view it as a source of anxiety and tension. Irrespective of your work culture, remote working can be productive when you follow the right guidelines.  Phoenix IT firm MyTek highlights some tips […]

The Coronavirus’ Impact on Businesses

As COVID-19 spreads globally, we want to discuss its impact on businesses and how we can be better prepared to tackle the pandemic. This pandemic shows us that a file sharing and syncing solution is a valuable addition to your IT infrastructure solutions. What is the Effect of Coronavirus on Businesses? With the highly contagious […]

Phoenix IT Services Company on How to Get More Done on Your Smartphone

The modern smartphone has a lot of computing power. It has enough to be a dynamic tool for today’s workers. It can also be a major distraction. Today, Phoenix IT services company MyTek provides tips tol help you be more productive with your smartphone.  Find the Right Apps If you are like most of the […]

Phoenix IT Services: Automation Options Any Business Can Use

If they are doing their job well, a business’ decision makers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency. For years, businesses were looking to their human resources to improve, but today, technology can fill in the gaps more effectively. A culture of automation–the act of having machines do tasks that humans used to do–is […]