Putting the IoT to Work in Your Business

Putting the IoT to Work in Your Business

Since 1982, the technology known as the Internet of Things has given the devices around us greater capabilities through artificial intelligence and Internet connectivity. While this technology spent a long time existing under the radar, so to speak, many business functions are now relying on its benefits. Let’s take a few moments to look at […]

Tip of the Week: Gmail’s Newly-Improved Collaboration

Tip of the Week: Gmail’s Newly-Improved Collaboration

Google is continuing to prioritize G Suite offerings, innovating the platform’s solutions to improve its user experience. One of the most recent improvements is that Gmail has a few new functionalities to help further integrate business communications. Let’s look at Google’s business communications improvements. Consolidated Communication Channels Google is well known for its communication tools […]

Three Ways (Out of Many) That VoIP Boosts Productivity

Three Ways (Out of Many) That VoIP Boosts Productivity

VoIP—Voice over Internet Protocol—is an incredibly useful tool for today’s businesses to make use of, especially in terms of improving productivity. Let’s consider a few capabilities that can give you and your team a leg up.

Are Breaks During the Workday all that Helpful?

Hard work and productivity is a major focus in modern society. Because of this, there has been a prejudice against taking breaks, especially that breaks are a sign of an unproductive employee. We’re here to tell you that the opposite is true. Breaks actually lead to a more productive workplace. The “Work First” Mentality “Break” […]

How Likely Is It for Remote Work to Continue?

Remote work has been crucial to many businesses as they work to sustain themselves throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as businesses have adopted these new methods of operation, it has become clear that remote work is likely to be much more than a survival tactic moving forward. Let’s look to a recent survey to see […]

Collaborate Better for More Successful Workflow

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If your business is like many others, you’ve pushed off some of your more capital-intensive plans and focused on efficiency. Now that things are starting to reopen in many places, it’s been made clear that keeping your business running with remote workers is a good strategy, but you can’t keep your projects on the back […]

Automation Will Be Key for Future Businesses

Many businesses have found it extremely hard to cope with restrictions levied by lawmakers because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has sent business owners and decision makers looking for solutions to their revenue problems. The most popular solution is to automate some of the work that was typically done by human resources to try and […]

Small Business IT: Opening Your Needed Programs on Startup

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If you were to look at any company’s list of priorities, chances are that “productivity” could be found somewhere at the top of the list. Current circumstances being what they are and many processes shifting as a result, this productivity is likely more of a challenge than normal. As any bit of saved time can […]

Remote Work Tip: Tasking Out Responsibilities

With so many things that need to be accomplished each day, it always helps to have all the information needed to complete these tasks. If a task has no context assigned to it or no insight into how to approach it, productivity and morale are going to suffer. To prevent this, you need to properly […]

Phoenix IT Company Offers Tips on How to Make Video Conferencing Less Awkward

Right now, more business than ever is now conducted over video chat. You may have found yourself using it as a tool as you work remotely. However, while these conversations may help keep your team connected to one another, the experience certainly isn’t the same as what would be found in the office conference room. […]