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The Employee’s Guide to Working Remotely

If you find yourself working remotely, you’ll need an action plan, because it’s not always as easy a task as you might think it will be. MyTek, which is a Phoenix IT company, is known for helping companies like yours when it comes to working remotely, and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Security Considerations

Especially since you are not in the office, following security protocols is super important. This is because your home network is more likely less secure than the one you use in the workplace. Here are some tips to keep your work, systems and yourself secure:

Be Hygienic

We’re not talking about brushing your teeth while you’re working from home, we’re talking about something we call security hygiene. Instead of reusing the same passwords over and over, create new ones, use multi-factor authentication to secure your accounts, and never share your account information. All the basic security precautions should still be in place, whether you’re in the workplace or at home.

Be Mindful

Be extra careful of online scams, phishing attacks and weird emails or messages. Even if you’re at home, you can still fall into traps and end up losing your business’ precious data. Always make sure you’re up to date on attacks that might come your way.

Use a VPN

A virtual private network, or a VPN, can help you protect your work from an unsecure network. It does this by using encryption to conceal your data, so it is protected from all attacks that might come your way.

Business Practices

While you might not be in the office, you should still keep your business practices the same. Here are a few we’d like to mention:

Use Communication and Collaboration

Since you can’t walk over and chat with your other associates, you’ll need to make sure your digital communication is up to par. Email, instant messaging and phone calls are all ways you can stay in communication with your team.

Follow Processes

Procedures shouldn’t be taken lightly, even if it feels like it’s no big deal, since you’re at home. This will make sure that everything is done well, and all the i’s are dotted and t is crossed.

Schedule Strategically

Because you’re working at home, you might be able to have a little more free time than usual. You can move around your schedule as needed, shuffle tasks to better your productivity. 

Personal Wellness

Bringing your work life into your home life can blur the lines. Make sure to keep secure boundaries so you’re not blurring them too much. Keep your personal wellness in mind and don’t answer emails while off the clock.

Set Limits

Just like previously mentioned, it is way more likely that you’ll overwork yourself at home rather than slacking off. Set serious boundaries so you’re not pushing yourself too far, or working just because you’re at your “workplace.”

Build Patterns

Working from home effectively means building patterns and sticking to them. Routines have been proven to help with productivity levels, so get dressed, get to your desk and act as if it is a standard work day.

Resist Temptation

Being at home provides so many different distractions. Don’t procrastinate because your TV is right there, or your dog really wants to play. Pretend you’re at work, and save those activities for when you’re off.

Does your company need help while your team is working remotely? Give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440.

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