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Tip of the Week: Keeping Productivity Up When the Internet is Down

Internet troubles are the worst, and often it can feel like a day has been wasted if your internet is down. Today we’ve rounded up some things that can be done while you’re waiting on MyTek to fix your internet issues.

Tidy Up

No time for cleaning? Well, while you wait for the internet to come back, it is a perfect time to tidy up your work area. While your work is mostly done in the digital world, the real one around you can become cluttered and dusty. Get some spray cleaner and paper towels and get to work.

Organization can have huge benefits on your team’s dynamic. It is so much easier to get to work if your area feels accessible and clean. It also will offer less of a distraction if things are put away and are out of sight.

You may also want to take this time to look at your office’s cabinets and storage. This organization will save you time later when you’re looking for something. Data storage especially needs to be organized, especially if your business uses paper files to keep storage. Folders, papers and cabinets can cause so much clutter that will need to be taken care of.

Teamwork Time

Take this time to build skills as a team. If you are all used to staring at your computer all day, your teamwork can be improved by just a little face-to-face time. This might also be a good time to have a team meeting to discuss ideas they haven’t had time to share.

It can be awkward not knowing any of your employees very well, so get to know everyone. Play some ice breaker games to learn something about each other that you otherwise never could have known.

Go Mobile

Now is the time to get those mobile devices out to continue any tasks that needed to be completed. Forget the no cellphone rule and let your employees work from their own devices if they have them with them. MyTek can also help you integrate these mobile devices into your workplace.

Don’t let internet troubles take over your day.

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