Hot SMB Tech Trends

In order to push profit along businesses have to use a large number of different types of technology. Whether they have tried out a bunch of different programs or they go with what’s the most cost-effective, you might want to put more thought into your team’s tech. Today we’re going to look at five different […]

Automation Plays a Critical Role in Cybersecurity

Automation is often seen as an unnecessary addition to business. Some people see it as an avoidable replacement of people with machines. But, as a business, your focus should be on getting maximum output from your existing workforce. If you doubt automation and do not adopt it quickly, you cannot have the upper hand compared […]

How Automation is Sure to Have an Effect on Workers

Automation has become a significant part of businesses these days. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, automating tasks simplifies workplace challenges. With automation, you can resolve your business problems strategically, and hit higher targets. But, can automation replace all of the workers? Research shows that automation can affect a quarter of the workforce in the […]

Phoenix IT Solutions Include Automation to Rejuvenate Productivity

There are some cases where productivity is a challenge, especially in the case where you’re being asked to work on something repetitive or monotonous. To make these tasks more bearable, automation solutions can be used. The Phoenix IT solutions available through MyTek can help you incorporate automation into your business’ productivity strategy. There are some […]