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In order to push profit along businesses have to use a large number of different types of technology. Whether they have tried out a bunch of different programs or they go with what’s the most cost-effective, you might want to put more thought into your team’s tech. Today we’re going to look at five different SMB tech trends.


Your business’s profitability can be boosted incredibly by adding in some automation. Parts of your business can be automated like never again before. This can be the use of artificial intelligence to automate your most tedious and repetitive tasks. Robotic Process Automation lets you 

Automating business processes can have a huge effect on the business’s profitability. This has been a strategy for decades, but today, parts of your business can be automated like never before. Technology such as artificial intelligence allows businesses to automate several menial and repetitive tasks. This innovation, called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) allows businesses to reduce the number of human interactions in several key business performances. This technology has gotten so popular that it should grow to $4 billion annually by 2025.

Internet of Things

If you’ve ever had a smart device, this one is for you. While a smart device for you might mean a smartwatch, for businesses we’re thinking more of security, utility measuring, supply chain monitoring, or other Internet of Things devices. These devices can help track your business’ information and processes so that everything is safe and sound.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are still one of the biggest emerging technologies. So many small and medium-sized businesses use the cloud and its services but there is still a ton of room for growth. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Security as a Service (SaaS) and AI as a Service (AIaaS) are some of the newest and best ways to introduce the cloud into your business.

There are also other new services you might be interested in like adding in specific services storage and business intelligence solutions. Doing this through the cloud provides your smaller business with enterprise-level tools.


Cybersecurity should be at the top of every business’ priority list. Businesses of all size could be taken down by security breaches, so you’ll need to make sure your business is safe. In 2019, 66 percent of SMBs were attacked by cyberattacks. 

Here are some ways you can focus on your cybersecurity:

  • Staff training – If your staff knows how to avoid phishing and other cyberattacks, your business will be ready for everything.
  • Threat intelligence – You should be on top of all of the threats that could come your way. 
  • Multi-Layering – Smaller organizations can keep threats away by having a comprehensive strategy ready to fight back. This includes file backups, an active protection strategy, and the use of AI to fill any gaps that you have.


Let’s end this article with a talk about mobility. Mobility strategies can help with security and how your employees work on the go. Your business might have a BYOD or bring your own device policy, but your employees will need to be able to access everything they need to on their devices.

MyTek is here to help your business work on all of these tech issues. Give us a call today to learn about AI, cybersecurity, cloud services and other SMB tech trends at 623-312-2444.

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