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How Automation is Sure to Have an Effect on Workers

Automation has become a significant part of businesses these days. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality, automating tasks simplifies workplace challenges. With automation, you can resolve your business problems strategically, and hit higher targets.

But, can automation replace all of the workers? Research shows that automation can affect a quarter of the workforce in the next ten years.

MyTek will give you a clear understanding of business profitability and how A.I can change the nature of future workplaces.

What is its Purpose?

The major purpose of automation is to increase business efficiency and reduce costs. World over, business growth is attributed to competition. Every company wants to perform better than its competitors. With automation, businesses can increase the efficiency of repetitive tasks. Essentially, machines replace the regular workers to do the time-consuming jobs faster.

But, people do not have clarity on what businesses are trying to achieve through automation. Most companies run with a profit motive, and the concept of giving back to the community comes much later on.

How Do Businesses Benefits?

Automation comes with numerous benefits starting from improving the budget. Let’s understand these in detail.

  • Automation reduces manual work that are redundant. For example, the sales department has to follow up with many potential leads before actually converting them into customers. Automation allows you to use the latest software for email campaigns to better track and analyze the leads. In this way, you can come out with focused lead campaigns and win more customers.
  •  Automation helps you provide better customer support in the form of chatbots and toll-free numbers.
  • You can better manage remote teams by employing project management software to allocate daily tasks and track them.
  • Automation enhances the transparency of your organization as digitized workflows are visible to anyone in a team. The digitized workflow also improves the coordination between team members.
  • With better digitization, the cost of paperwork in an organization reduces.
  • With automated processes, it is easy to comply with regulatory norms and standards.

Can Automation Negatively Affect Workers?

Automation can generate millions of new jobs. Which also means that workers in some fields stand to lose their jobs. 

For example, consider the case of truck drivers. There is a clamor for introducing self-driving trucks in the future. Research is already underway and has created favorable results. Self-driving trucks will be used for long-haul shipping. Hence, it can cut down costs for the shipping industry. For example, they don’t have to hire many truck drivers and pay them a salary.

With self-driving trucks, there will be high demand for coding jobs. Skillful software engineers are needed to create software for the trucks. But, the truck drivers are blue-collared workers and do not know software languages. Hence, they cannot adapt and change their profession, thereby impacting their livelihood.

Automation can affect workers in many industries other than the trucking domain. As entry-level jobs evolve, we need people to maintain the systems. Hence, the workforce who lose their entry-level jobs needs to be reskilled to manage the automated systems. Also, if software professionals switch to the automating domain, there will be a deficit in the regular coding aspects.

The best way forward is for companies to invest in the reskilling of workers who majorly lose their jobs to automation. If businesses don’t think beyond the profit motive, millions of workers will remain unemployed in the future.

Research by the Brookings Institute shows that around 25% of all jobs can be automated. These jobs majorly fall in the transportation, office administration, and food industries. And, only 40% of current jobs are least affected by automation.

Are you looking for innovative ways to automate critical IT tasks?

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