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Is Your Business’ Antiquated Technology Holding You Back?

When was the last time you evaluated how old your company’s devices are and when the last update had been done? If you’d like your business to succeed, these questions might even be more important than you realize. Today we’re going to be talking about when to upgrade technology and why its important to do so.

Neglecting to Upgrade Your Technology Can Bring Several Deficits

Higher Costs

Older technology reachings its end is going to cost more to upkeep, and even more to keep it alive. They also don’t have power-saving functions like many new computer systems are coming with. Older technology can also be a lot slower as it ages, meaning your team’s productivity levels will go down, making your costs leap.

Compliance Issues

All different types of businesses have specific laws and rules they need to follow. Not following or complying can get your business in huge trouble. 

Security Vulnerabilities

Older technology can only be updated so many times. There comes a point in which it can no longer be updated, and this means there is room for security issues to arise. If your computer can’t update to the newest and safest versions, threats will be able to seep in a lot easier.

Tanked Productivity

Like we’ve mentioned before, slow load times can make your team’s productivity tank. The older and more outdated a piece of machinery is, the more time it might take to do simple tasks. If your team has to take time out of the work day to try and fix their computer, they aren’t getting the work they need to do.

Frequent Crashes and Downtime

Sad to say, older technology often stops working after a certain amount of time. System crashes become more common and downtime will become more frequent. Keeping your technology updated will save so much time and energy for your team.

We Can Help You Determine When, and What, to Upgrade

Using our remote maintenance and monitoring tools, you will be able to get a clear picture of what parts of your IT may need upgrades and when the other parts will. MyTek has ways for your team to keep track of these lifelines, so you never have to worry about any of the issues mentioned above. Wondering when to upgrade technology? Give us a call at 623-312-2444 to learn more about your systems and when they should be upgraded.

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