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How Centralized Authority is Crucial for Your IT

We all know by now that the cloud is a very valuable business tool, but it definitely comes with its own set of indiscretions. One way to keep control of your cloud solution is by using a centralized authority. But what is a centralized authority and how can it help? 

What Kind of Centralized Authority Are We Talking About?

You should always be absolutely sure that you have control over your business’ technology. Especially if you have sensitive information and data on your cloud, you’ll need to make sure you are able to control who has access to it, and what devices they can use to do so.

To have this control, you’ll need to be able to rule your own domain (or network). To do this, you should have a way to enforce and dictate your IT policies across your network. These resources are referred to as the domain controller. 

A domain controller makes sure that all devices connected to your domain are upholding the same IT policies. This can help to enable these features:

Policy Enforcement

You can even have different policies in place for different user groups, which can help keep threats out and keep each different level of your team secured in different ways.

Standard Enforcement

If your team uses their own device while they are working, it makes sure that these devices are enforced, just like a company computer would be. The network will only be able to be accessed if the requirements are properly met.

Asset Management

There is so much technology that businesses need to maintain, and sometimes they all have their own configurations or software. Centralizing one authority will keep all of the information within the database.

Centralized Management

Active Directories and other similar services are easier to manage through a centralized management service, You can section users off into groups which will make it easier to give the different groups different permissions.

Managerial Efficiency

If the network is centralized there is a better chance that everything will be secure and maintained, even if your team is working remotely or using their own personal devices.

How to Establish Your Authority Over Your IT

What you need to do is make sure that while you are centralizing your network to help security, it isn’t interfering with the ways your employees need to work. Everything should be nice and seamless. This can be done by giving your users access to what they need only, so it doesn’t get confusing or overwhelming but is still keeping your security tight.

We Can Help You Accomplish This

Reach out to MyTek today to learn about centralized authority and how we can help your team with security and seamless use of technology. 623-312-2444 is the number!

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