Malware That Targets Android Can Cause Major Problems

While it might be more common to hear about malware that attacks desktop computers, laptops, or networks, we need you to be aware that there are types of malware that attack mobile devices. One example is the malware threat called TangleBot which has recently been discovered, which has caused major issues for Android consumers and workers. This threat has been especially detrimental in the workplace. 

TangleBot allows hackers to take full control over infected Android devices, allowing them to steal information and gather important credentials. Once TangleBot is installed onto the device, the hacker can gain access to many permissions, like spying on communication, using applications like the camera, accessing the device’s location, listening in through the microphone, and many other harmful uses. Obviously, hackers can do a lot of harm with these permissions. 

There are many ways malware can spread, but this specific brand spreads through text messages and infected links. The text message usually pertains to something having to do with COVID-19 and urges the user to click a link for a vaccination appointment or something else, like learning more about a local power outage. Once the user clicks the link, the hacker is given permissions that no application should ever receive. 

As you might expect, we urge you to be very careful when clicking on links you receive through text messages. And in the workplace, always urge your staff to be equally as careful. This is especially important because many offices have staff members working from home, or at least using their own personal devices occasionally for work. One way to protect your team is disabling the option of installing applications through links. 

MyTek can help your team go through training so this never happens to them and can help you avoid threats of all kinds. Need tools to help prevent infections? We can help with that too. Call us at 623-312-2444 today to learn more about protecting your devices from threats like TangleBot.

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