McDonald’s Data Breach is Another in a Series of Major Cyberattacks

The last few months have been filled with major cyberattacks, and many of them have taken advantage of major businesses. McDonald’s Restaurants was next on the list and recently breached. Let’s take a look at the situation and what happened in the McDonald’s data breach.

What Happened To McDonald’s?

After systems in South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States were breached, McDonald’s Corp recently announced that some of their data had been taken by hackers. A week after the discovery of unauthorized activity through their internal security, they were able to cut it off. With hired consultants, it was found that the company’s data was exfiltrated.

The breach had involved contact info for employees and franchisees, McDonald’s informed their employees in the U.S. and announced that some infrastructural data about locations was stolen. Luckily, none of the data was particularly sensitive when it comes to employees and no customer was taken either. But McDonald’s is urging their employees and franchisees to keep a lookout for phishing emails that they may receive because of this.

In the Asian markets, customer phone numbers, emails, and delivery addresses had been stolen. The company informed regulators quickly and reached out to the employees in South Africa and Russia to do follow-ups on possible breaches there.

Cybercrime Targeting Businesses Has Been Prevalent

While this is one breach that didn’t involve ransomware, it is difficult to separate it from other major recent attacks. The past few months have given us two major ransomware attacks, against a meat distributor and a major U.S. pipeline. Volkswagen also was recently targeted and had its data taken from a third-party vendor. 

Clearly, No Business is Safe… So What Can Be Done?

No matter the size, no business is truly safe from cyberattacks. Protecting your business is a changing game with new and better technology being used to steal and encrypt data. Instead of simply keeping your antivirus up to date (which is not enough), your team should be aware of any potential threats coming your way. Don’t let what happened to McDonald’s happen to your business. Call MyTek today to learn about our tech solutions that will keep your business and data safe at 623-312-2440.

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