Tip of the Week: How to Keep Your Emails from Being Flagged as Spam

Spam filtering can keep your business associates safe from incoming harm, but sometimes the spam filters that your contacts and business partners have might be keeping your emails out of their inbox. Today, we’re going over how to not get flagged as spam, so that your contacts are always able to receive and read the important messages you send their way.

You Haven’t Been Given Permission to Email Someone

When it comes to promotional emails, there is one big rule when it comes to avoiding the spam filters while sending emails, and that is that you can’t send emails to someone who hasn’t granted you permission, at risk of major fines. Without securing authorization to contact someone, like purchasing an email list or obtaining mass contact sheets, can easily get your emails marked down as spam since these are unsolicited emails.

Your Content Uses Words that Trigger the Filter

If you end up using a keyword that has been marked down as a spam, your email probably won’t make it through. There are many keywords that may be flagged, so you may want to research when it come to the words you’re using in the subject line, so you can be aware if your terms are working for or against you.

You’re Sending Too Much at Once

If you send an email to too many people at once, many email service providers will think it is a spam email chain. But when it comes to business communications, it can be hard to send less than 100 emails at one time. 

This can be avoided by using a “drip” campaign to schedule your emails. Instead of sending them all at the exact same time to 1000s of people, a drip campaign makes it possible to schedule emails out to be sent out during a specific range of time.

You Included an Attachment

While sometimes attachments are necessary in a business email, they can be considered spam, especially depending on the context of the email it is attached to. A lot of cybersecurity threats will send something common through an email attachment, such as a receipt, gift certificate, or something else common enough to trick people. If you are sending along a common attachment, it may be flagged as spam so the receiver isn’t tricked into a security trap.

You Haven’t Provided the Opportunity to Opt-Out

If there is no way for a receiver to remove themselves from your email list, most spam filters will see this as a huge red flag. Having an opt-out option will allow those who want to, to leave your sender list but will also make it more likely that they will ever see your email in the first place.

Don’t Let Your Communications be Foiled by Cybersecurity Precautions

While we know spam filters are important to keep your business safe from harm, we also know that you need to be able to communicate with everyone you need to for your business to run. MyTek can help you with both of these, with the best IT solutions, and in teaching you how to not get flagged as spam. Call us today at 623-312-2440.

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