Can You Spot the Bait in a Phishing Attack?

Your business is always at risk because hackers are always trying to find new and creative ways to steal data and information. You know how spam emails work, but phishing emails have recently grown in popularity and are becoming more effective than ever. Let’s talk about how you can keep yourself and your business safe from phishing emails. These are the traits of phishing attacks.

We’re also going to talk about how phishing attacks come in many forms, even beyond email. Scammers and hackers will attempt to take advantage of you and your business through phishing emails, social media, and phone calls. 

Traits of Phishing Attacks

Phishing Calls

We all get calls from strange and restricted numbers, and hopefully, you know that these are calls you should avoid. Hackers often use phone calls to get in contact with your employees, hoping to get information. Sometimes, they may even take on a false identity like an IT person or someone from within your office. These attacks can be really tricky and scammers can get information easily by lying to your employees

As an example, if someone called and asked about what printer model your office uses, it may seem like harmless information. Often, with the use of questions like these, the hackers are looking for information that can help them get into your network. Never answer questions about anything, and you’ll want to train your employees so they follow the same protocol. Always cross-check contact information to make sure whoever calling you is telling the truth, so you don’t put your business at risk.

Phishing Emails

Luckily, phishing emails aren’t as pressing as phone calls because you’re not put on the spot like you would be if you were talking to someone on the phone. But, this doesn’t lessen the threat that they can be to you and your business. Phishing emails might be customized to convince you to click a link or to hand over information. Either way or however they are written, their sole purpose is just like phishing phone calls.

In order to avoid phishing emails, your computers should have spam filters so that they are filtered through. You should also train your employees to known the telltale signs of phishing emails, like incorrect information, spelling errors, and anything that seems even a little out of place. Your team should be on high alert so that even the most sophisticated and elaborate emails don’t trick your employees.

Phishing Accounts

Another incredibly easy way for hackers to use an anonymous identity is by creating a fake social media account. Social media is the perfect place for someone to masquerade as someone you know or someone from your company, and in doing so, they can easily attack and convince you to give them information. Something to look for when it comes to social media messages is weird wordage, messages that come out of the blue. Make sure that you question them and bring back past interactions to make sure who you are talking to is real.

When it comes to phishing incidents, we want your team to be prepared and ready to go. MyTek can help set up spam filters and train your team, so reach out today at 623-312-2440.

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