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What are IT Best Practices, Anyways?

We’re sure you’ve heard the term “best practices” before, and we know it can end up sounding like just another IT buzzword, especially if you’re not aware of the real meaning of it. We promise that “best practices” is an actually important term with real meaning, so we’re going to go over what it means today. You’re probably also wondering “What are my best practices?” and we’re going to answer that question too.

What Does “Best Practice” Really Mean?

Garter brings us this definition:

“Best practice is defined by Gartner as a group of tasks that optimizes the efficiency (cost and risk) or effectiveness (service level) of the business discipline or process to which it contributes. It must be implementable, replicable, transferable and adaptable across industries.”

Techopedia brings us this definition:

“… an industry-wide agreement that standardizes the most efficient and effective way to accomplish a a [sic] desired outcome. A best practice generally consists of a technique, method, or process.”

Best practices are the operations that currently are delivering the best results. They can also change over time, so what was a best practice 30 years ago, is definitely not now, especially in the technology world. Think of them as directions, like when you’re baking a cake or oven pizza. Baking it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit is the best practice that delivers the correct results.

When we look at your business’ technology, the best practices are the ones that make your tech as efficient and effective as possible. 

Best Practices Deliver Significant Advantages When Applied to Your IT (What Are My Best Practices?)

The benefits of using best practices include:

  • Improved resource and time management
  • Improved customer retention and satisfaction 
  • Increased focus on customer needs and wants
  • Improved productivity

Depending on the technology resources your business uses, your best practices may look a little different than another business’. Everything MyTek does is shaped for your business and its needs. We also can focus on industry standards and mandates for you, so you never have to worry about it again. If you’ve been asking “What are my best practices?” MyTek has the answer. Call us today 623-312-2444.

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