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Tip of the Week: Scaling Your Wi-Fi Network

Does your business rely on wireless internet connectivity to run? This is pretty standard and it means that your productivity levels might be tied to the quality of the internet connection you have. As your business grows and expands, you’ll need to make sure that your Wi-Fi capabilities grow with it. Here’s how to start scaling your Wi-Fi to your needs.

Identify What Your Needs Are

Your network should be scaled based on what shortcoming you are trying to avoid. You need to take your goals into account like how many users will need to be on the network at the same time, how the users will be dispersed throughout the office and how much bandwidth their work will take. Once you’ve gone over all of these, you will be better able to acquire the correct amount of access points.

Establish Your Current Capabilities

Before you start messing around and adding additional access points, you’ll need to have an appreciation for the capabilities your Wi-Fi already has. You can do this through a site survey, which can help provide you with a baseline for your existing tech performance. Aim to answer questions like are there any dead zones and how many devices can we currently host.

Too many access points can be an issue, too, because they can infer with one another. Using a Wi-Fi analyzer can help optimize the placement of your access points so that they are able to achieve maximum coverage with minimal signal use. You can also establish which connections can be wired instead of wireless so that they’re not taking up additional bandwidth.

Adjust Your Existing Connections

You can adjust the range of your access points, to allow your signal to reach further limits, while still confined to inside your business lines. This can help you make sure your Wi-Fi is not reaching outside of your office, which can potentially be tampered with. You can also have it extend outside your office slightly, as needed.

Need help scaling your Wi-Fi? MyTek is here. Give us a call at 623-312-2444.

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