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In today’s age of ransomware and high-profile attacks, cybersecurity is one of the components of an IT strategy that absolutely cannot be ignored. It is absolutely critical. To prepare your team to be able to handle everything, you should make your security practices are tested and assessed often by making a security training schedule. But how often should you be doing this?

How Often Should You Train and Evaluate Your Team’s Cybersecurity Practices?

Your security should be covering as much as it can, due to security threats being all over the place these days. Even with the strongest security systems in place, it can only do so much with your team not knowing anything about security. They should be trained so they are never putting your infrastructure at unnecessary risks. Here are some ways you can keep your team on top of your security practices.


How often are you training your staff on security practices and information? The frequency really matters and can make a huge difference. If you only discuss it once a year, your staff will not be in the know of anything new that has happened since. They also won’t have the knowledge to apply their training, due to their training being so infrequent. With more frequent training, your team can constantly be on the watch for security issues and can feel more informed about new practices they should be upholding.


These training sessions should not only be taught but should be applied to real-life situations. Hands-on learning is the preferred method of most, so it can really help your team to learn about how they’ll be using these practices in their day-to-day life. This can be done by simulating cyber attacks and testing them.

How Often Should You Train, Test, and Teach Your Team?

Training should be reinforced periodically, not just taught once. With the changing landscape, cyber-attacks are changing every day, so your team should be able to be ready for anything.

MyTek can help your company teach your team about cybersecurity and help you make a security training schedule. Get in contact with us today at 623-312-2444.

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