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Choosing the Right Hard Drives: HDD vs SSD

Searching for new technology can be a pain, and can be super time-consuming due to filing through your needs, your best options, and your budget. When it comes to hard drives, these decisions can be even harder and have to do with the workstations, laptops, and servers involved. Today, we’re going to look at the two main types of hard drives and what they are most often used for so you can decide what hard drive is best for you.

Hard Disk Drives

When most people hear the term “hard drive,” this is the type of computer component they are thinking of. These mechanical devices feature platters that spin, and at very high rates of speed. Because of all of the moving parts, they sometimes are prone to failure more than solid state drives, but they also have many benefits. Hard disk drives are also sometimes less expensive on their own, especially when they are needed to store high amounts of data, like terabytes. But due to their failure rate, they cannot last forever and are bound to need to be replaced.

Solid State Drives

Solid-state drives don’t have moving parts, because they are made up digitally. This means that they are faster to write and read data with, but they also aren’t prone to failure because they lack moving parts. Modern SSD drivers are usually reliable, fast, and stable and can have large storage capacities, especially when you purchase a higher-end one. You would probably pay way more for an SSD than you would for an HDD with a similar amount of storage in each.

Which Hard Drive Makes Sense for My Needs?

Deciding on which type of hard drive would be best for you has a lot to do with what computer it is needed for. If you are purchasing work station, you should probably get an SSD because they are faster and workspaces often need less storage. But, there are many things to take into consideration when making this decision. Call MyTek today at 623-312 to discuss what hard drive is best for you.

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