Secret IT Support Solutions for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a simple yet powerful application that has many hidden features. Learning to handle Microsoft Word or any Microsoft Office suite application with ease can make you stand out in your office. You can brag about your Microsoft Word skills to your colleagues and even help them when they need them. MyTek provides many such secret tips available in Microsoft Word. You can increase your productivity with our secret IT support solutions.

Recovery of Lost Word Files

Losing one or more files due to some unexpected hardware crash is a nightmare that we all share. Such crashes usually require you to call support agents. However, MyTek helps you in these cases. There is a way to restore your work even if you didn’t save your data before a crash. In Microsoft Word, go to the Open menu and click the button at the bottom of the page to recover unsaved documents. 

More Interesting IT Support Solutions

Compare Two Documents Keeping them Side by Side

Collaboration is required almost every day in the business world. You may not always have two monitors or sit with your colleague to compare two versions of a document. Sometimes, you may also need to merge two documents into one for some reason. In such cases, you can use a simple solution. In Microsoft Word, click the Review tab at the top of the screen. This is just one of the many simple yet smart solutions provided by MyTek. 

Add Table of Contents to your Documents

As a part of your work, you may also need to create and manage large reports. It is very difficult to know the content of those documents if you do not have a table of contents. However, you can easily create a table of contents for your Microsoft Word document. All you have to do is assign correct heading styles and format the complete document properly. Now, go to the References tab and then click Table of Contents. Choose whatever style you prefer and the table of contents will be created in seconds. You might need to edit it manually for some specific use cases but this is way easier than manually creating one.

Add Words of your Choice to Spell Checker Dictionary

While working on a word document, you may want to add some words that you use frequently to the dictionary. This helps you save time while running the spell check. To add a word or multiple words, here is what you have to do – from the File menu, click Options. Once the window appears, click Proofing. The dictionary list pops up. From the list select CUSTOM.DIC. Now click Edit Word List. You can now edit the custom dictionary as you like.

Use free 30 days trial of MyTek IT Support Solutions

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