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Tip of the Week: Who Should Have Admin Accounts?

Depending on what someone in your company does, you should make the decision whether they should have an ordinary user account or if they should have an administrator account. This can be very important when it comes to managing your network, but it is not always clear who will need an admin account and why it is even important to save those accounts for specific team members.

Who should use admin accounts?

Within your network, an administrator account is basically the highest level of privilege that you can give someone. Compared to a regular user account, an admin account can do so much more — which isn’t always a good thing. Make sure you’re only giving specific users this access, otherwise any user can make huge changes to your network, like installing software or moving important files.

Admin accounts can do just about any action they can do on a computer. Let’s think of it how an IT person would access your computer, they need permissions and to update and change things. Every computer should have one admin account connected to it, but untrained users should never have admin permissions because this could result in mistakes and file changes.

Why You Need to Limit Admin Account Use

An admin account should not even be your primary device account, because there are security issues that come along with that. If the device happens to be compromised, the account could install malware and use your administrator privileges to make changes. If this happens on a standard account, they have more limited permissions so less damage can be done without permissions and passwords. We suggest only giving your IT professionals your admin accounts.

For more information on who should use admin accounts, MyTek can help. Give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more.

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