3 Ways Email Encryption Keeps Your Messages Safe

In today’s business environment, it is impossible to work without sharing emails. Every time you create an email without taking proper security measures and precautions, you may be putting the privacy of your company and clients at risk. To prevent your email from falling into the wrong hands, one of the essential steps you can take is to use email encryption. 

So let’s take a deeper look at encryption tactics. 

What is Encryption 

When put in simpler words, email encryption is just scrambling your data in a way to obscure it from public view. The protocol ensures that while intended recipients can unscramble the email correctly, any middlemen or unintended recipients who might try to intercept it will get to see nonsense. While this is particularly helpful for business email, it is also essential to ensure that the intended recipients and their addresses are correct. Now that we understand what encryption is, let’s try to understand why we should use it. 


Security is, without a doubt, the number one reason to use encryption. Several businesses need to share private or sensitive data over email, making it extremely important that it’s not exposed while in transit. Contrary to the depiction of hacking in movies – breaking into networks and stealing data by putting physical drives into servers and downloading data– hacking is a lot more mundane in real-life cases. Many hackers opt to wait for a while and take a quick peek at the data while other space and memory-consuming activities are active. While encryption can not prevent that from happening, it can make it unreadable and practically unusable to users that don’t have the decryption key, making your emails a lot more secure. 


If your industry has to comply with regulations about data privacy, using encryption is a must. Several regulations can impose hefty fines on you for failing to secure data. One of the most well-known and common examples is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The act states that no institution can ever share any patient’s health records and information with anybody without the patient’s consent. So imagine that if a hacker were to steal this information, it wouldn’t just be the hacker who will be at fault, but the company responsible for storing it would also be in direct violation of HIPAA. You have to use encryption to make sure this doesn’t happen.


If you take the proper measures to protect your email systems, then you’ll make the entire process more accessible and manageable as a whole. If you take the time to install email encryption systems that encrypt your email automatically, then that means you won’t have to do it manually, and you can save on a lot of time, money, energy, and space.

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