Outsourcing Vendor Management Eliminates Finger-Pointing

You serve as a vendor to your clients, providing them with a necessary goods or services. Likewise, you have vendors that provide you with the goods and services that enable you to do so. However, how well are your IT support vendors managed as a group? Do you have Phoenix IT support that goes above and beyond fixing computers? Comprehensive Phoenix IT solutions include vendor management services.

A Phoenix IT support company that is personally vested in your success does more than keeping your IT systems running smoothly. It makes sure that you get the best bang for your buck and eliminates finger-pointing when something goes wrong. Phoenix IT outsourcing can save time and money – but only with a good plan.

MyTek Network Solutions Provides Phoenix IT Solutions that Eliminates Finger-Pointing with Vendor Management

What is Vendor Management?

Putting it simply, vendor management from a Phoenix IT support company involves how the relationships you have with your vendors are maintained and monitored. This process is what allows a business to properly utilize their vendors, down to determining if a particular vendor has met your organization’s needs. Vendor management offers a business quite a few benefits, including saving money. But the most apparent savings is your time. When you are doing Phoenix IT outsourcing, managing too many related vendors can become a nightmare. Phoenix IT solutions for vendor management work best when your IT company knows your needs and knows the capabilities of your vendors.

Why Phoenix IT Supported Vendor Management is a Big Time-Saver

Consider, for a moment, the experience you would have in resolving a problem when you yourself have to deal with all of your vendors. Let’s assume that Vendor A provided your workstations, Vendor B provided your server, Vendor C provided your wireless networking components, and Vendor D provided your network-attached printer. This can be a nightmare to support without a comprehensive Phoenix IT support company in charge of it all.

What would happen if you suddenly found that you could no longer print work-essential documents? Your first response may be to reach out to your vendors, who likely have limited monitoring and diagnostic capabilities. So you call Vendor A, and they confirm that the issue isn’t with your workstations. Next, you call Vendor D, who then lets you know that your printer is also fine. Finally, you call a Phoenix IT solutions company, Vendor C, who figures out that the issue lies in your router’s configuration. You may feel relieved that your Phoenix IT outsourcing worked, and the solved the problem, but perhaps not.

One Vendor Could Disrupt Another’s Environment and Not Know It

When Vendor C fixes the issue, they do so without regard for your business’ security (after all, they’re only concerned with your networking, not how it ties into the rest of your business’ security). As a result, you’re suddenly left with a major vulnerability that you have to figure out how to shore up… or else… all because a vendor decided that ensuring your security wasn’t their responsibility. Even if all the vendors had their own Phoenix IT support, it doesn’t mean they take a comprehensive view of your needs.  Each vendor points to the next vendor and you’ve both wasted your time and introduced a vulnerability.

Phoenix IT Solutions from MyTek  Stops the Finger-Pointing and Keeps You Secure with a Comprehensive Phoenix IT Outsourcing Strategy

With our vendor management services, on the other hand, MyTek can serve as the go-between with you and your vendors. This means that instead of having to play phone-tag to have your problem solved, you can focus on being productive while we make sure your issue is sorted out. We’ve spent the time to forge strong relationships and lines of communication with many, many vendors. As a result, you don’t sacrifice valuable time that could be better spent working on something else while your concerns are still attended to. Most importantly, we ensure that your best interests are never forgotten. Our Phoenix IT solutions ensure that your business is secure. For Phoenix IT outsourcing, all you need is one company who understands your needs. We’ll take care of the rest of the vendors.

At MyTek Network Solutions, we make it our responsibility to be sure that all of your IT is working the way you need it to, and our vendor management reflects that. We also provide advice on business intelligence and Saas (software as a service). We are focused on providing Phoenix IT solutions that meet the needs of our neighbors and make our city and state of Arizona prosper.

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