How to Use Your Smartphone as a Productivity Enhancer

Businesses can benefit from so many different devices, but one of the most popular is the use of smartphones in the workplace. As a tool for communication, there are no other devices just like it. The smartphone is a smart choice when it comes to your business’s productivity, especially when the business is mobile. MyTek supports businesses with their MDM (mobile device management) needs and provides perfect solutions so you can use your mobile devices to your advantage.

Here are some ways mobile devices provide your team with productivity:

Alternate Communications

Not only can you take calls from anywhere, but there are also other methods of communication that can be used. Information can be shared through text messages, emails, through your company’s drive, and through applications that your company uses. 


For those that are in management positions on your team, mobile devices make it easy to reach out to whoever they need, whenever they need to. They can also use SaaS (software as a service) technology to complete work on their device or link up their Microsoft Office 365 applications

Learning Tool

Having a mobile device is like having a tiny computer with you at all times. If your employees ever need help, they have a powerful resource with them and can learn about what they need to quickly. Like reading a blog post or watching a tutorial video, your team will always be in the know.


Smartphones can integrate your calendars so your computer and phone are always on the same page. By using the applications you already do, the organization just got so much easier. 

Personal Assistant

If your employees don’t have actual personal assistants, they do now with the virtual assistant that comes with their phone. Google, Cortana, and Siri are all very capable of taking care of tasks quickly so you don’t have to go in and manually do it yourself. You’ll save so much more time on other things.

Establishing “Me” Time

Just because you have a mobile device doesn’t mean your freedom is gone. Do Not Disturb mode can be turned on when you need to step away from work for whatever reason. 

How to Securely Get the Most Productivity out of a Smartphone

When it comes to using mobile devices for work, it can be super helpful but can come with some security issues. Your team should be very aware of what work they can and can’t do on their mobile devices so that your data is never at risk. MyTek can help your team use their mobile devices to their advantage and stay safe while doing so by helping you create a Bring Your Own Device Policy. Call us at 623-312-2440 to learn more about mobile device management.

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