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Phoenix Business IT Support for Automation

Phoenix Business IT Support for Automation
Phoenix Technology Companies Are Busy Helping Businesses Automate

When is the last time a robot brought you coffee?  Or did your office filing?  Never?  Well, we might not be quite ready for that, but it’s no secret that Phoenix technology companies are helping businesses automate simple, repetitive processes in their business operations.   It's typically the simplest elements of any workflow, but they can take up large portions of time simply due to the number of them that need to be addressed.  Yes, Phoenix business technology is changing rapidly to help companies grow.  Is your Phoenix business IT support making sure your company stays on the cutting edge of business technologies that can save time and money?  MyTek, one of the leading Phoenix technology companies, discusses the benefits and challenges of automation.

MyTek Leads the Phoenix Business Technology Automation Movement

Our Phoenix business IT support team helps our clients identify ways business automation can save them time and money.  If business process automation sounds unfamiliar, it's probably because you just haven't identified automated processes as such.

For instance, many websites have a handy dialogue box to help you better find what you are looking for, returning contextual answers that may solve your problem without the need to call in one of the website’s human support team members.  This is an automated process.

Think about the infamous Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant that would pop up and offer assistance with certain processes in Office applications.  Clippy was a very basic use of automation. If the user began to format their document in a certain way, Clippy would appear and try to advise them on how to do it properly, along with other pieces of unsolicited advice.

Fortunately, most Phoenix business technology that creates  automated processes are nowhere near as insistent or obtrusive as Clippy was.  Most automation, if done right by experts in Phoenix business IT support,  can insure that automation takes place entirely behind the scenes.   Automation can eliminate many of the time-intensive requirements that eat up valuable employee time, and decrease business productivity.

Phoenix Technology Companies Like MyTek Offer Automation Benefits

Automation solutions today offer three particular Phoenix business technology benefits to those that leverage them:

  • Time savings - smaller tasks no longer require a user’s attention. This allows your employees to focus more on their bigger responsibilities in service to your customers and clients.
  • Task scheduling - instead of spending time scheduling certain tasks to move to the next employee in line to work on a project, the right Phoenix business technology automation can take care of this. As a result, it is easier to maintain productivity and a standardized operating procedure.
  • Increased accuracy - Automation is less error-prone than a human being, making it a faster and more accurate means of routing information to the applications that require it.  Routing of of information, when set up correctly by expert Phoenix business IT support, also keeps the processes moving, instead of waiting for a human to handle the task.
What Concerns Come With Automation of Phoenix Business Technology?

No Phoenix business technology solution ever comes without any challenges, automation included. Some are more technical, but the major one that we address is about deeper human concerns.  This is important at MyTek.  We are not just a leading Phoenix technology company, but we consider ourselves partners in business with our clients, and that is a human relationship that is invaluable.

First, let's address the Phoenix business technology technical side of the automation equation:

  • Automation still requires at least some monitoring by a human resource to ensure that the automation is functioning properly, and is also delivering a better return on investment than a human can. This is something that many delegate to an outsourced Phoenix technology company to save clients additional man hours.
  • Different solutions and systems may not play so nicely with each other, making it necessary to integrate them into a single chain of automated processes. An expert Phoenix IT support professional from MyTek can assist you in selecting the right ones for your business needs.

Finally, the last (and in many ways, most challenging) obstacle you may encounter is pushback from your employees.

While you are actually making their jobs easier and allowing them to tackle more important responsibilities, they may still feel threatened by automation, fearing their jobs will be replaced by a machine.  Helping your valuable employees  understand the value of their time spent on more important tasks is key to embracing automation.

Because we see our clients as partners, MyTek can help equip you to communicate the numerous benefits behind your Phoenix business technology choices and to bring your employees into your implementation process will help them understand the value to the entire organization, and as they recognize that their new tasks and responsibilities are more significant, they will be grateful you made the change.

Successful Automation Requires Making a Wise Choice for Phoenix Business IT Support

If you want assistance in planning and implementing your business automation strategy, we would love to get a cup of coffee and hear about your business needs.  MyTek is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, and we are one of the leading Phoenix technology companies serving Arizona since 2009.  Please give us a call. We’d be happy to assist you with any of your technology needs. Call 623-312-2444 today or e-mail us at .


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