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Tip of the Week: Introducing Evernote Templates

To keep your notes organized better than a traditional notebook, many companies have begun to use Evernote, which is a note-taking app. Evernote offers features that make functionality more than possible and may be exactly what your team is looking for. Today, we’re going to discuss Evernote templates and how to use them.

What Are Templates?

These templates are built into the app so that there are pre-built structures for users to use for note taking. This makes it faster to compose a certain type of note, so you don’t have to format it yourself. This also makes it possible to fill in the blanks and Evernote offers additional downloadable templates on their website, with a subscription to Evernote Plus, Premium, or Business. 

Applying Templates in Evernote

Once you have found a template that you would like to use for a note, from their website or from one of your past notes, you can apply it to new ones.

In Evernote, start a new note.

Then, when you’re in the body of your note, click on Templates and see the ones that you already have saved. From here, you can search for different templates, delete ones you no longer want to save, edit their names so you can remember them better, or apply them to your notes. With Plus, Premium or Business, you can even edit templates. This is done by following the same process, and you can save it as a new template. You can also create your own templates with Plus, Premium, and Business accounts.

Each week, MyTek shares helpful tips on our blogs so you can get the best out of your tools. Come back next week to learn more from our blog.

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