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Phishing Social Media Quizzes Are Trying To Get Into Your Account

We’re sure you have seen your friends and family sharing quizzes on their social media profiles, asking you to find out what your celebrity name would be or what Hogwarts house you would fall into. While these quizzes are fun and lighthearted, they are also a way to get to know more about people… which can be a major problem, in some cases.

Here’s how these phishing social media quizzes can be designed to obtain information needed to gain access to someone’s social media account.

“The name of the high school you attended is your new last name! What’s your new name?”

While this might seem like a fun and harmless trend, many of these posts are aimed to find the answer to your security questions. The name of your high school is often used as a security question for social media, bank accounts and more.

Security questions are used when you are trying to reset your password, or potentially when someone else is trying to reset your password. If they know the answer to your security question, they can get in, change your credentials and lock you out of your account. 

You might even start to notice that a lot of these quizzes line up with security questions like your pet’s first name, your mother’s maiden name, the model of your first car and other very common questions. By sharing these answers publicly, you are making it easy for someone to hack into your account. 

These Questions are Effectively Phishing on Social Media

Phishing comes in many different forms, even on social media. Always have an eye out for attempts, whether you’re in the office or not. Cyberattacks are everywhere, and MyTek can help you keep them away from you and your business, give us a call today at 623-312-2440.

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