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4 Video Conference Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Meetings

Remote workers are now using video meetings more than they ever have before. Because of this, there’s been a constant push and pull between what works and what doesn’t. Today, we have four tips as to how your video meetings can be improved. Here are some of our favorite video conference tips and tricks to boost engagement and performance. 

Crystal Clear Video and Audio

Sometimes, the quality of the audio and video of a meeting can make it really hard for the attendees to focus. What was supposed to be a 30-minute meeting has turned into an hour and a half of troubleshooting. This wastes your employee’s time and efforts. MyTek IT experts can help you find a solution that works best with your network, so you have crystal clear video and audio.

Presenting Capabilities

Visual aids are one of the best ways to keep your team on track. It can be really easy to zone out when someone has been talking for a long time, but visual aids can add to the experience and make it easier for them to zone back in. You need a solution that allows for collaboration, interactions and visual aids.


Video meetings can get dull really fast. Instead, find a way to engage your employees through interactivity. This means that you can use polls, chats, emojis, audio commentaries, or other simple tactics to keep everyone on task. Most people have more fun if they are involved.

Engagement Above All Else

People enjoy meetings when they are interacted with, and feel like they have a part. Remote employees are the same. Presenters should use the four steps above to create fun, unique presentations, instead of boring, lifeless lectures. MyTek can help you find the best video tools and can help you with other video conference tips and tricks.

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